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Use Firefox as Your Browser with NaturallySpeaking

If you enjoy using Firefox over Internet Explorer, the Nuance folks serve you well. NaturallySpeaking works equally well with Firefox, so you can just select links by saying them in that browser instead of IE. If you want to use Firefox with NaturallySpeaking, you can do it without much of a learning curve. Just remember the following when using Firefox.

  • Make sure Firefox is in the Start menu, so that you choose Firefox from there if that’s the way you prefer to launch it.

  • Say, "Go to the Address Field” when you want to get to the address box.

Start your browser

To start browsing the web, follow these steps:

  1. Start NaturallySpeaking.

  2. Start Internet Explorer (or Firefox, alternatively).

    It doesn’t matter how you start Internet Explorer. You can start it with the Start command by saying, "Start Internet Explorer,” by selecting a Favorite from the Start menu, or by clicking its desktop icon with the mouse.

    As an alternative launch method, say, “Open Firefox,” “Launch Firefox,” or “Show Firefox" to launch it.

That’s all there is to it. Your browser opens and is immediately ready to take your commands.

Use Firefox tabs

One reason people started using Firefox was because they enjoyed using multiple tabs. You can use the following voice commands with Firefox tabs:

  • Add a new tab

  • Open a new tab

  • Click the next tab

  • Click the previous tab

  • Go to the next tab

  • Go to the previous tab

  • Close tab

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