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Unlocking, Locking, and Password-Protecting Your TouchPad

Because your HP TouchPad’s touchscreen is its interface, it’s important to know how to allow and restrict access to the screen. When the touchscreen is locked, you can have your TouchPad ignore inadvertent interactions, such as when it’s rolling around in a backpack or purse. By adding a PIN (personal identification number) or password, you can keep nosy Neds and Nancys at bay as well.

Your TouchPad’s screen locks 5 seconds after it turns off automatically or immediately if you turn the screen off manually by pressing the Power button.

If your screen is dark but the device isn’t powered off, you can press the Power or Center button on your tablet to reveal the unlock screen. Drag up the yellow padlock icon to unlock the screen. You return to the Home screen or wherever you were when you left off.

Setting a PIN or password on your TouchPad

If you’d like additional security at your TouchPad's unlock screen, you can use Secure Unlock to set a PIN or password. Try it by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Launcher icon on the Quick Launch bar.

  2. Tap Settings; then tap the Screen & Lock icon.

  3. Below Secure Unlock, tap Off.

  4. Tap Simple PIN to enter a PIN of any length.

  5. Enter the PIN again to confirm it; then tap Done.

  6. Tap Password to enter a password containing any combination of letters and numbers; then tap Done.

  7. Enter the password again to confirm it; then tap Done.

    If you forget your PIN or password, you’ll need to reset your device remotely at, which may cause loss of data.

  8. Tap Lock After to choose when the screen locks: after the screen turns off or after an interval you specify.

To turn Secure Unlock off, tap the option displayed below Secure Unlock and then tap Off. Then you’ll need to re-enter your PIN or password and tap Done.

Changing your TouchPad's password

To change your Secure Unlock password, do the following:

  1. Tap the Launcher icon on the Quick Launch bar.

  2. Tap Settings; then tap the Screen & Lock icon.

  3. Below Secure Unlock, tap Change PIN or Change Password.

  4. Enter the old PIN or password and then the new PIN or password.

  5. 5. Tap Done.

Your PIN or password is changed.

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