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Travel Photography Digital Camera Resolution Chart

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The higher your camera's resolution, the better your photos will look. Use the following chart to see which resolutions will make the best prints for you.

Capture Resolution    Print Size (Using a Typical Photo Quality Desktop Printer)                        
2x3" 4x5"/4x6" 5x7" 8x10" 11x14" 16x20" 20x30"
320x240 G A P P P P P
640x480 - 0.3 Megapixel E G P P P P P
800x600 PQ VG A P P P P
1024x768 PQ E G A P P P
1280x960 - 1 Megapixel PQ PQ VG G P P P
1536x1180 PQ PQ E VG A P P
1600x1200 - 2 Megapixel PQ PQ PQ VG A A P
2048x1536 - 3 Megapixel PQ PQ PQ E G A A
2240x1680 - 4 Megapixel PQ PQ PQ PQ VG G A
2560x1920 - 5 Megapixel PQ PQ PQ PQ E VG VG
3032x2008 - 6 Megapixel PQ PQ PQ PQ PQ E VG
3072x2304 - 7 Megapixel PQ PQ PQ PQ PQ E E
3264x2448 - 8 Megapixel PQ PQ PQ PQ PQ PQ E
10 Megapixel + PQ PQ PQ PQ PQ PQ PQ

P = Poor: Noticeably Grainy (pixelated)

A = Acceptable: Obviously not a real photo, but some details are visible

G = Good: Can tell it is not a photo but most details are discernable

VG = Very Good: Can tell it is not a photo at normal distance, but good enough for many uses

E = Excellent: Difficult to tell from real photo at normal viewing distance

PQ = Photo Quality: On a photo-quality printer, the human eye should not be able to tell the difference at a normal viewing distance


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