Many laptop computers have a slot for connecting PC Card devices (such as modems). You can buy an adapter for your memory cards so that they can fit those slots. After you install an adapter’s software (follow the instructions that came with your adapter), transferring image files to your computer is a snap:


Put your memory card in the PC Card adapter.

Access your memory card with your laptop by using a PC Card adapter like this one.


Insert the PC Card adapter (with your memory card in it) into your laptop’s PC Card slot.

Your computer will noticed something new plugged in and take the steps to recognize the PC Card adapter and the files on it.


Open your computer’s system folder, then open the drive for the PC Card.

The folder will likely display some thumbnails of some photos that you’ll recognize as having recently taken on your digital camera.


Open the folder into which you want to copy the image files.

You can also just transfer the files to your computer’s desktop.


Drag and drop the image files in the PC Card’s folder to your computer’s hard drive.

Make this transfer to the folder you opened for this purpose or to your desktop.