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The HP TouchPad's Home Screen

The Home screen is your TouchPad’s default base of operations, equivalent to the desktop on your computer. The primary view of your TouchPad is Card view, shown in the following figure.

The Home screen’s Card view.
The Home screen’s Card view.

Card view consists of the following three major components:

  • Just Type field: Tap this field and start typing text to search for, create, or use information on your TouchPad without needing to go to a specific app through the Quick Launch bar or the Launcher.

  • Wallpaper: Wallpaper is the background image shown in Card view. You can customize this image from a variety of sources.

  • Quick Launch: This bar contains up to six icons, all of which except for the Launcher icon are customizable.

Launcher view, shown in the following figure, provides direct access to everything on your TouchPad, including all your accounts and settings.

The Home screen’s Launcher view.
The Home screen’s Launcher view.

Launcher view consists of the following six major components:

  • Application name: This area tells you the name of your currently open application. Drag down on or tap the application name to open the application menu.

  • Page name: Tap a name on a different tab to switch to that page.

  • Launcher: Tap one of the icons to open that particular application or option.

  • Quick Launch: This bar is the same one that appears in Card view.

  • System icons: These icons show the status of your network connection, battery strength, and other system functions.

  • Notification icons: These icons show new messages, alarms, and other notifications. Drag down on or tap an icon to view that notification’s details.

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