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The Droid Bionic's Universal Inbox

The Messaging app is your home plate for every account on your Droid Bionic that receives messages. It includes all your e-mail accounts as well as social networking sites and even text messaging, as shown in this figure.


New messages for an account are noted by a number shown in a blue bubble. To view all messages — from e-mail to Facebook updates — touch the Universal Inbox icon.

You compose a new message by touching the green Plus button (refer to the figure). From the menu that appears, choose an account or a method for creating the new message, or choose a draft to complete. You then see the appropriate program (Email, Facebook, Text Messaging) to craft the new message or finish the draft.

Notice that your Gmail inbox is missing from the Messaging window. Gmail is its own program on the Droid Bionic; your Gmail messages don’t show up in the universal inbox.

Electronic mail is handled on the Droid Bionic by two apps: Gmail and Email. The Email app is used to access your primary non-Gmail e-mail account. The Messaging app is used to access all non-Gmail accounts.

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