You can use shortcut keys regardless of what else you’re doing in MYOB at the time. For example, maybe you’re in the middle of recording a sale and you want to look up a supplier’s phone number. Simply press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press the letter F to go straight to your Cards List. After you retrieve the info you need, press the Esc key to return to the sale. (Note: With a Macintosh, you use the Cmd key instead of the Ctrl key.)

MYOB Key or Keystroke Combination Shortcut Result
Ctrl-B Takes you to Receive Payments
Ctrl-D Takes you to Receive Money
Ctrl-E Takes you to Enter Purchases
Ctrl-F Displays your customer and suppliers list
Ctrl-G Takes you to Record Journal Entry
Ctrl-H Takes you to Spend Money
Ctrl-I Displays the Reports menu
Ctrl-J Takes you to Enter Sales
Ctrl-K Takes you to the Bank Register
Ctrl-L Opens up a list
Ctrl-M Takes you to Pay Bills
Ctrl-N Starts a new company file
Ctrl-O Opens a new company file
Ctrl-P Print what’s on screen
Ctrl-Q Quits out of the program (Mac only)
Ctrl-R Tells you about debits and credits
Ctrl-T Takes you to your To Do List
Ctrl-W Closes the current open window (Mac only)
Ctrl-Y Takes you to Find Transactions