Believe it or not, there is such a thing as lasting too long during sex. Retarded ejaculation (or male orgasmic disorder) is a condition in which a man can’t make himself ejaculate. Whether in a man or woman, the inability to orgasm can make sexual intercourse frustrating or even undesirable. Finding the cause is the key to learning how to fix retarded ejaculation.

While rare, retarded ejaculation is a real problem. Sometimes a medical problem causes retarded ejaculation, in which case only a urologist can help. Sometimes the cause is psychological, and a sex therapist can treat the problem. A relationship problem can be one of the psychological causes, which may lead to a man unconsciously holding back his ejaculation. In that case, fixing the relationship is key to curing the problem.

Although being able to last a long time is something our society puts great value on, retarded ejaculation is a problem. Don’t cover it up by bragging about your power to “last all night long.”