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If you want to take underwater photos with your digital camera or use it in some other watery location (such as on a sailing trip), you can find waterproof gear for your camera that still allows you to take pictures:

  • Waterproof casings: These casings allow you to take pictures while protecting your camera from the wet. Use them for either underwater photography (careful on the depth, though) or above-the-water shots when you’re boating. This figure shows a waterproof casing from ewa-marine.


    Salt spray is very possibly the single worst threat to camera electronics. Make sure your camera casing provides good protection against wind and salt spray.

  • Plexiglas housings: If you’re a serious underwater enthusiast with a small digital camera, get a heavy-duty Plexiglas housing. These housings are available for a wide range of digital cameras, and you can find them for as little as a couple hundred dollars.

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