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Presenter's Notes and Media in Your Keynote Projects

You can type text notes in the Keynote Notes pane. Use them for displaying alternate topic points while presenting a slide show. However, you can also print the notes for a project along with the slides, so presenter’s notes are also great for including reminders and To Do points for your audience in handouts.

To type your notes, just click within the Notes pane; if it’s hidden, click View→Show Presenter Notes. When you’re done adding notes, click in the Slide list or the Layout pane to return to editing mode.

To display your notes while practicing, use Keynote’s Rehearsal feature. Click Play and choose Rehearse Slideshow, and you can scroll through the notes while the slideshow runs.

Adding audio, photos, and movies to a slide is drag-and-drop easy in Keynote! Simply drag an image, audio, or movie file from a Finder window and place it at the spot you want within your document.

You can also use the Media Browser — click the Media button on the toolbar and click the Audio, Photos, or Movies button to select the desired type. Keynote displays the contents of your various media collections — such as your iPhoto and iTunes libraries — or you can navigate to the file’s location on your hard drive, or type in a filename in the Search box at the bottom of the browser.

When you’ve found the file you want to add, drag it to the spot you want in the document.

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