In addition to making expert opinions and information available to you, the Internet also gives you ample opportunities to trade NaturallySpeaking information with others. Through these media, you can find out what problems others are having; ask questions of your own; answer other users’ questions; share experiences; commiserate; speculate about the motivations, intelligence, and personal hygiene of the people who wrote whatever part of NaturallySpeaking you’re currently having trouble with.

Information you get on the Internet — especially from other users — comes without warranty. The vast majority of the users who post messages and comments are well-meaning people who just want to help, and a few of them are downright brilliant. But you should only trust them to the extent that they are making sense. You have no way to verify that they know what they’re talking about, so caveat emptor.


Dragon Discussion Forum

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Discussion Forum is public and active. It covers such topics as How to, Troubleshooting, and Specific hardware use.



Like most major consumer software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking has an official Facebook page. Some companies treat their Facebook pages as an afterthought. Nuance is not one of them. Nuance's Facebook page contains lots of quality content worth looking at.

You’ll find comments from Dragon users along with answers from Nuance staff. You’ll also see Customer of the Week highlights and pictures uploaded by Nuance at various tradeshows and other events. Respond to a post and jump into the discussions going on.



@Dragon Tweets: Nuance has an active Twitter feed that focuses on answering questions, responding to user comments, and tweeting information. This is a great way to quickly get attention for a question that can be answered in 140 characters or less. Nuance also mixes in content from its YouTube channel and training tips.

@Nuance Mobile: This feed, of course, concentrates on all things mobile. If you use a mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, BlackBerry, or Android, you’ll find interesting information here about using them with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.



The Dragon NaturallySpeaking LinkedIn group is by invitation only. Nuance runs it and has several staffers contributing to it. The wide-ranging discussions are very useful.

You can find anything from practical tips to hardware discussions to productivity questions or anything you want to share about using NaturallySpeaking.


Ask the Dictator

If you browse over to Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking channel on YouTube, there’s lots to see. Nuance has a show called Ask the Dictator, hosted by Erica Hill.

Erica has a nice, easy manner and comes up with interesting things to demonstrate. A recent episode showed how to use Excel with NaturallySpeaking. Nuance’s purpose for the channel is to tell you everything you’d like to know about its products and help you find the best ways to put them to use. In addition, you’ll see lots of other videos uploaded by fans of the software.