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How to Watch Movies on an Android Phone

Your Android phone has the ability to let you view movies, TV shows, and Internet video on its relatively diminutive screen. The cheapest way to view video on your phone is to access YouTube. It’s the Internet phenomenon that proves Andy Warhol right: In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Or in the case of YouTube, they’ll be famous on the Internet for the duration of a 10-minute video. That’s because YouTube is the place on the Internet for anyone and everyone to share their video creations.

Watching YouTube videos with your Android phone

To view the mayhem on YouTube, or to contribute something yourself, start the YouTube app, which might be found on the Home screen but most definitely dwells on the App menu.


To view a video, touch its name or icon in the list.

To search for a video, press the Search soft button while using the YouTube app. Type or dictate what you want to search for, and then peruse the results.

Turn the phone to Landscape mode to view a full-screen video. You can touch the screen to see the onscreen video controls.

  • Use the YouTube app to view YouTube videos rather than use the Browser app to visit the YouTube website.

  • Because you have a Google account, you also have a YouTube account. Log in to your YouTube account when using the YouTube app: Press the Menu soft button, and choose the command My Channel. Log in, if necessary. Otherwise, you see your account information, videos, and video subscriptions, if you have them.

  • Not all YouTube videos can be viewed on mobile devices.

  • You can touch the Upload button to shoot and then immediately send a video to YouTube.

Renting movies with your Android phone

Movies that you rent at the Google Play Store can be viewed on your phone for as long as 24 hours after you first start the film. The process involves renting the film at the Play Store and then using the Play Movies app to watch it.

If your phone comes without the Play Movies app preinstalled, you’re prompted to download it automatically whenever you rent and start a video. Or, if you like, you can save time by downloading the app ahead of time.

Here are the general steps you take to rent and view a video on your phone:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store; open the Play Store app on your phone.

  2. Choose the Movies category.

    All movies are rentals.

  3. Browse or search for a movie.

  4. Touch the movie’s Rent button, which also lists the rental price.

    You aren’t charged for touching the Rent button. Instead, you see more details, such as the rental terms. After you choose a rental, you have 30 days to watch it. But once you start watching the film, you have only a 24-hour period during which you can pause and resume.

  5. Choose a payment method.

    If you don’t yet have an account set up at Google Checkout, you can configure one by touching the Add Payment Method button. Otherwise, choose your Google Checkout credit card.

  6. Touch the Accept & Buy button to rent the movie.

  7. Touch the Play button to view the movie.

If you don’t already have the Videos app, you’re prompted to download it: Follow the directions on the screen.

The movie is streamed to your phone, which means that it’s sent as you watch it. When you’re ready to watch, plug your phone into a power source and turn on the Wi-Fi network so that you don’t incur data overages.

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