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How to Sign In to SkyDrive

Ready to join the SkyDrive revolution? Good; fire up Internet Explorer and visit SkyDrive's website. In the Sign In window, type your Microsoft account ID and password and then click Sign In.


Here you are faced with the old battle betwixt security on one hand and convenience on the other. If you’ll be using SkyDrive from a secure location (like your home) and you’re the only one using the PC, feel free to select the Keep Me Signed In check box. If you’re in a public place, using a laptop, or sharing your PC with others, however, don’t enable the Keep Me Signed In check box.

On the main SkyDrive screen, you should note the following important items:

  • Files link: Click this link to display all folders within your SkyDrive (whether you used them recently or not).

  • Recent docs list: This group of folder icons represents the SkyDrive folders you used within the last few sessions.

  • Space remaining: You can always check the amount of space remaining in your SkyDrive using this meter.

  • Manage storage: Click this link to subscribe for additional storage space or to control who can add a people tag (which leads to your profile) to photos that include you.

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