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How to Save Battery Life on an Android Phone

Perhaps the most important item you can monitor and maintain on your Android phone is its battery. The battery supplies the necessary electrical juice by which the phone operates. Without battery power, your phone is about as useful as a tin-can-and-a-string for communications. Keep an eye on it.

Here’s a smattering of things you can do to help prolong battery life for your Android Phone:

  • Turn off vibration options. The phone’s vibration is caused by a teensy motor. Though you don’t see much battery savings by disabling the vibration options, it’s better than no savings. To turn off vibration, follow these steps:

    1. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

    2. Choose Settings, and then choose Sound.

    3. Choose Vibrate.

    4. Choose Never.

    5. Also on the Sound Settings screen: Remove the check mark by Haptic Feedback.

      The Haptic Feedback option is what causes the phone to vibrate when you touch the soft buttons.

    Additionally, consider lowering the volume of notifications by choosing the Volume option. This option also saves a modicum of battery life, though you might miss notifications if you set the volume too low.

  • Dim the screen. The display is capable of drawing down quite a lot of battery power. Though a dim screen can be more difficult to see, especially outdoors, it definitely saves on battery life.

    You set the screen brightness from the Settings app: Choose Display, and then choose Brightness.

  • Turn off Bluetooth. When you’re not using Bluetooth, turn it off. Or, when you really need that cyborg Bluetooth ear-thing, try to keep your phone plugged in.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi networking on the phone keeps you on the Internet at top speeds but drains the battery. If you use Wi-Fi when you’re in one place, keep the phone plugged in. Otherwise, the battery drains.

  • Disable automatic syncing. Your Android phone syncs quite often. When you need to save battery power and frequent updates aren’t urgent (such as when you’re spending a day traveling), disable automatic syncing by following these steps:

    1. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

    2. Choose Settings, and then choose the Accounts command or the Accounts & Sync command.

    3. Choose your Google account.

    4. Remove the green check mark by each item.

    When saving battery juice isn’t important, remember to repeat these steps to reenable background and automatic synchronization.

  • Get a bigger battery. Most Android phones have larger batteries available, which the nice people at the Phone Store will be more than happy to sell you. You may need to get a new back cover for your phone to accommodate the larger battery. Anyway, the folks at the Phone Store, or whatever online phone retailer you favor, know the details.

    If you buy a larger battery — or any replacement battery, for that matter — ensure that the battery is manufacturer-compatible with your phone. Improper batteries can damage your phone. Heck, they can catch fire. So be careful when choosing a replacement battery.

  • Manage battery performance. Several Android phones come with battery-saving software built in. You can access the software from a special app or from the Settings screen. Similar to your computer, battery-performance management involves turning phone features on or off during certain times of the day.

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