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How to Forward an E-Mail Message in Windows Mail

When you forward an e-mail message in Windows Mail, you're sending him or her a copy of what was sent to you. By forwarding, a message you can save yourself the hassle of trying to explain what was in a previous message by just including the previous message.

  1. Open the e-mail message that you want to forward.

  2. Click the Forward button on the toolbar.

    The new message appears with Fw added to the beginning of the subject line.

  3. Enter a new recipient(s) in the To and Cc fields.

  4. Enter any message that you want to include in the message window area.


    It is a good practice to always include a little note indicating why you felt the need to forward the message.

  5. Click Send to forward the message.

Sometimes it's fun to forward funny little stories or pictures we receive to our friends and families. However, you have to be careful that it doesn't get out of hand. People can get really frustrated when 10 of their friends all forward the same 10 e-mail messages. Make sure that your friend likes to receive these sorts of things.

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