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You probably have people who want to know the current date and time, or maybe you simply want to insert the date or time, or both, into your Word 2013 document. With few exceptions, time travelers are the only ones who bother asking for the current year. But you may need it in your document for record-keeping purposes. Regardless, Word has many tricks for making it happen.

Aside from looking at a calendar and typing a date, you can use the Date and Time button (shown in the margin), found in the Text group on the Insert tab. Click the button to display a dialog box from which you can choose how to insert the current date or time into your document.

  • Click the Update Automatically option in the dialog box so that the date-and-time text is always current.

  • The keyboard shortcut for the current date is Alt+Shift+D. This command inserts a content control into your document to display the current date.

  • The keyboard shortcut for inserting the current time is Alt+Shift+T. Unlike the current date, this shortcut inserts a field, not a content control, into your document.

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