Because many women only start thinking about menopause when they start getting hot flushes, here are a few quick tips for dealing with this menopause-related symptom:

  • Exercise frequently: One woman in 20 who exercises frequently experience hot flushes. In contrast, one woman in four who don’t exercise experiences hot flushes.

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine and limit your intake of spicy foods and hot drinks. These foods and drinks can all trigger hot flushes.

  • Aim to reduce your stress level. Upping the amount of exercise you do or taking up relaxation techniques can be effective ways to achieve this.

  • Consider what you wear. Dressing in layers enables you to peel off when you’re flushing and cover up when the flush has gone.

  • Turn on a fan or have fewer sheets over you at night to keep night sweats at bay. Or switch to a sheet with several thin blankets so that you can adjust your layers when you need to.