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For Seniors: How to Work with Digital Photos in Windows

Windows 7 makes working with digital photos easy. You can pick and choose photos to look at or display a group of photos in a slide show. You can even make a favorite photo your desktop background so you see it every time you start Windows 7.

To work with photos in Windows 7:

  1. Choose Start→Pictures to open the Pictures library.

    The Pictures library contains photos you copy from a digital camera and the Sample Pictures folder, included with Windows 7.

  2. Double-click Sample Pictures.

    You see the pictures Microsoft includes with Windows 7.

  3. Click the triangle next to the Views button on the Command Bar and choose Extra Large Icons.

    You see the largest thumbnails of these photos.

  4. Double-click the first photo to preview it.

    The photo opens in either Windows Photo Viewer (the standard viewer for Windows 7); Windows Live Photo Gallery (a free photo program from Microsoft); Picasa (a free photo program from Google); or another program installed by the company that sold your computer, by the person who set it up, or by your digital camera.

  5. Adjust the photo as necessary.

    In Windows Photo Viewer, the following tools appear across the bottom of the window from left to right:

    • Change the display size (Zoom): Click the magnifying glass for a pop-up slider to zoom in and out of the photo.

    • Actual Size and Fit to Window: These two tools alternate in the second position of the toolbar. Most photos are larger than computer screens. Actual Size shows the true size of the photo, but you can’t see all of it at once. You can pan the photo (click and drag the photo to move it). Use Actual Size to see details in a photo. Fit to Window allows you to see the entire photo at once.

    • Previous: Click this tool to see the photo before the current one, depending on how the photos are sorted. You can also press the left-arrow key to see the previous photo.

    • Play Slide Show: This button displays each photo in the folder at full screen for a few seconds before moving on to the next.

    • Next: Click this tool to see the photo after the current one, depending on how the photos are sorted. Alternatively, press the right-arrow key to see the next photo.

    • Rotate Counterclockwise: Each click of this button turns the photo 90 degrees to the left. Use this to fix photos that are turned sideways.

    • Rotate Clockwise: Each click of this button turns the photo 90 degrees to the right. Use this button to fix photos that are turned sideways.

    • Delete: Click this button to delete the current photo.

  6. Click Next.

    You see each of the sample photos in Windows Photo Viewer.

  7. Click Close.

    Windows Photo Viewer closes.

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