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Buy a Cheaper Second Camera for Nature Photography

As a nature photographer, you might want to purchase a cheaper second camera. A good option is to buy a sophisticated point-and-shoot camera that has many of the same features as your digital SLR. You can choose a point-and-shoot digital camera from the same company that made your digital SLR camera.

If you own a digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera and a case full of lenses, you’re probably reluctant to carry the camera with you at all times. Possibly, potential theft plays a role. After all, a lot of people out there would break into a car to steal an expensive camera.

When you’re shopping for a second camera, here are some things to consider:

  • Does the camera enable you to capture images in a RAW format that is supported by your image-editing application? It isn't essential to capture your images in the RAW format, but this format gives you more flexibility when you process your images.

  • Is the camera menu similar to that of your digital SLR? There’s no sense in having to retrain yourself every time you pick up your second camera.

  • Does the camera take the same type of memory card as your primary camera? This saves you the expense of purchasing different types of memory cards.

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