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Basics of Skype for Android Phones

The Skype app is used the world over as a free way to make Internet phone calls and to video-chat. Plus, if you’re willing to pony up some money, you can make inexpensive calls to phones around the world. You can also use Skype on your Android phone.

Obtaining a Skype account

Get started with Skype by creating an account. Visiting on a computer, where you can enjoy the full screen and keyboard.

At the Skype website, click the Join Skype button or find and click a similarly labeled button. Sign up according to the directions offered on the website.

After you have a Skype account, your next step is to obtain the Skype app for your Android phone.

  • As with other web services, you create a Skype name to identify your user account. It’s the name you use to identify yourself to others who use Skype.

  • If you want to use Skype to place calls to real phones or to dial internationally, stuff some cash into your account. Log in to the Skype website, and follow the directions for getting Skype Credit.

  • There’s no charge for using Skype to chat with other Skype users. As long as you know the other party’s Skype name, connecting and chatting are simple.

Getting Skype for your Android phone

Your Android phone may already come with the Skype app preinstalled. If not, you can visit the Android Market and download the app.

After installing Skype, follow these steps to get started:

  1. Start the Skype app.

  2. Read the initial, informational screens.

    You can’t make emergency calls using Skype.

  3. Type your Skype account name and password.

  4. Touch the Sign In button.

    You may be asked to accept the terms of agreement; do so. You may be offered a tour to preview how Skype works. Feel free to skip the tour.

One of the biggest questions you’re asked when you first run the Skype app on your phone is whether you want to synchronize your contacts. It’s recommended to use the preset option, Sync with Existing Contacts. Touch the Continue button.


The Skype app stays active the entire time your phone is on. If you desire to sign out of Skype, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the Profile button on the Skype app’s main screen.

  2. Press the Menu soft button.

  3. Choose Sign Out.

  4. Touch the Yes button.

You’re prompted to sign back in to Skype the next time you run the app.

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