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5 Tips for Shooting Landscapes with Your Digital SLR

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Capture a sunset in HDR.

Using a tripod will help you align exposure-bracketed photos for HDR.

This is a classic “sunset over the river during the evening golden hour using HDR” photo. This shot was set up the tripod and the camera was positioned to look toward the farthest part of the river, not the setting sun.

Although it isn’t impossible to include the sun in your shots, do so with care. Pointing your camera at the sun and focusing on it can damage the sensor.

This gives the photo an incredible depth. The setting sun (and the fact that HDR often enables you to push saturation, which is another way of saying color intensity, a bit) created the colors.

The camera settings are standard-issue landscape. Most times when you shoot a landscape, you want a large depth of field (area of focus) and no noise. If you use a tripod, shutter speed isn’t an issue.

Settings: f/8, 1/40 second, ISO 100, 10mm focal length. APS-C.

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