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Creating a Basic Spreadsheet Formula in WordPerfect Office 2002

You can enter formulas in two ways in WordPerfect: Type the formula directly into the cell, or use a combination type-and-click approach. The following sections give you the lowdown on both methods, plus [more…]

Adding Borders and Backgrounds in WordPerfect 11

For some reason, nothing looks as neat as having a nice fancy border around your text. At least, that's what the folks at WordPerfect must believe, because their border features are yet another case of [more…]

Working with Templates in WordPerfect 12

Templates are prototypes for different types of documents. Templates are sort of like blank forms. They don't necessarily contain text, though. A template might contain only a collection of the particular [more…]

Numbering Pages in WordPerfect 11

Few things are more annoying than a sheaf of pages with no page numbers that have gotten (or may have gotten) out of order. Don't look like a schnook; number your pages. [more…]

Cracking the Codes in WordPerfect 11

Every WordPerfect document consists of content (the stuff you type) and formatting instructions (the appearance of the document and text). Normally, you work only with the content and the visual results [more…]

Combining Documents in WordPerfect 12

Each WordPerfect document lives in its own cozy little file on your hard drive. But sometimes you want to break down the walls between your documents and get them together, throw a little party, or whatever [more…]

Working with Graphics in WordPerfect 11

A few basics before you jump into using graphics: [more…]

Fooling with Toolbars in WordPerfect 11

The WordPerfect window features several bars containing buttons and controls, which WordPerfect calls, loosely, toolbars.This article focuses on the three most prominent of them: [more…]

Indenting and Aligning Text in WordPerfect Office 2002

Pressing the Tab key isn't the only way to shove text across the page. You can also use WordPerfect's indent and justification options to change the way that text fits between the left and right margins [more…]

Fixing Typos with WordPerfect 12 QuickCorrect

You don't have to know anything about the QuickCorrect feature in WordPerfect 12 to love it, and it usually does just what you want it to. Most typing mistakes fall into a few general categories: reversing [more…]

Correcting Your Mistakes with WordPerfect Office 2002

WordPerfect's QuickCorrect feature, which is turned on by default, provides as-you-type error correction. Type a word incorrectly, and WordPerfect fixes it as soon as you hit the spacebar. If you type [more…]

Customizing Your Workspace in WordPerfect Office 2002

You can control many things about the WordPerfect interface (a fancy term for how the program looks and behaves). You could spend hours going through all the options, but you must have better things to [more…]

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