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Main Toolbar Buttons for

The main toolbar in, which appears on the left side of the screen, has many of the frequently used commands. Some buttons on the main toolbar lead to a fly-out toolbar, which [more…] Function Toolbar Buttons

In all applications of, the function toolbar is the most alike. It appears at the top of the application window and has basic commands that can be used for a variety of tasks [more…] For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The office suite has lots of tools to make work life easier. When you're working in, get to know the function toolbar (which looks pretty much the same in all applications [more…]

How to Use the Prezi Path Tool

Prezi has a Path tool that you use to set up and follow your storyline. Specifically, the tool helps you set up Path numbers that move your presentation from element to element regardless of proximity. [more…]

Navigating the Prezi Bubble Menu

The main Prezi interface is called the Bubble Menu, which consists of five main items. Knowing how to navigate the Prezi Bubble Menu helps you to create exciting presentations. Once you start to use the [more…]

Quick Keyboard Shortcuts for Prezi

Using Prezi presentation software isn't difficult, and its keyboard shortcuts save some time. Make quick work out of creating great Prezi presentations by getting to know these easy-to-remember keyboard [more…]

Handy Shortcuts in Prezi's Show Mode

Prezi has two different modes of operation: Edit Mode, in which you create your presentation, and Show Mode, in which you present your creations. In Show Mode, use these handy shortcuts to make your presentation [more…]

Media Formats to Use with Prezi

With Prezi, you have the opportunity to include a variety of media that to make your presentations really stand out from the usual boring slide shows. You can use custom video you have created, audio, [more…]

Prezi For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Use Prezi to add drama and sophistication to all your presentations. Prezi is an online application that takes the place of tired slideshows. You get to use your creativity and work with a variety of different [more…]

The Manga Studio Tools Palette

Manga Studio includes a wide range of tools you use to create your Manga cartoons — or even Western-style cartoons. The following illustration shows the Manga Studio tools palette toolbar, and the Tools [more…]

Manga Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Manga Studio, like any worthwhile program, offers a number of keyboard shortcuts for drawing, editing, and generally creating your Manga stories or Western cartoons. The following tables group a number [more…]

How to Show/Hide Manga Studio Palettes

Manga Studio comes with a host of palettes you can use to create your Manga masterpieces. The following table shows the names of the palettes and the key you use to toggle between showing the palette and [more…]

Manga Studio For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Manga Studio provides everything you need to create captivating Manga cartoons — or any type of cartoon you want to create. The numerous palettes you use can show appear or hide at the touch of a key. [more…]

Using Scrivener Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting and Editing

Work quickly when formatting or editing your documents in Scrivener by using the keyboard shortcuts in this table. Want to make some text bold without using the toolbar? Need to find something in the document [more…]

Examining the Scrivener Screen

The Scrivener screen has a few elements to it that might look different if you’re used to a traditional word processor’s screen. The major parts of the Scrivener interface [more…]

Using Scrivener Interface Keyboard Shortcuts

Keep your hands on the keyboard with these Scrivener keyboard shortcuts, all of which allow you to navigate the interface and access helpful project commands. [more…]

Working with Files Using Scrivener Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts in this table give you quick access to some of Scrivener’s most helpful functions for working with files. Press these button combinations to make file changes, instead of clicking [more…]

Scrivener For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Scrivener is a powerful writing program that lets you write the way you work best, whether that’s in one long, linear document, or a scattering of out-of-order scenes that you eventually knit together. [more…]

Frequently Used Sibelius Shortcuts

Sibelius is world's best-selling music creation software. When you're using Sibelius to compose, refine, or listen to your music, you soon realize that you use certain keystrokes more often than others [more…]


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