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Entering and Editing Text with Linux gedit

You're not stuck with just command-prompt-based text editors in Linux — gedit is the default GUI text editor for Fedora. gedit is strictly a text editor, [more…]

Minding MindManager's Task Info Pane

Effective planning with MindManager begins with a complete and accurate map of what was discussed and agreed to. If you are responsible for creating this initial map, bring your computer to the meeting [more…]

Adding Images to a MindManager Map

You can add images to almost any element of a MindManager map, including an image taken from the Library The method for adding an image is the same for all topics. The following steps show you how to add [more…]

Turning on the Project Log in SAS Enterprise Guide

The project log is an aggregated view of all the log files for all the tasks in your SAS project. Every task and SAS program that you run in SAS Enterprise Guide generates a log file as part of its output [more…]

Discovering Reporting Options in SAS Enterprise Guide

Tasks that you run in SAS Enterprise Guide typically create a report, which is a type of textual or graphical output that you can view, print, or save as a file. You can set the preferred output file type [more…]

Running a Report in ACT! 2005

The following steps apply to all ACT! reports. The dialog box is the same for all reports. Depending on the report that you're running, however, some of the options may be unavailable and thus appear grayed [more…]

Office Live: Sharing Documents in Business Contact Manager

Business Contact Manager and Office Live make it easy to share documents with users in other locations. You can either upload a bunch of documents directly to the Business Documents list, or you can create [more…]

Password-Protecting Your Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard

Crystal Xcelsius offers a dynamic visibility feature, which enables you to control the visibility of a component, making the component appear or disappear based on certain predefined triggers. How does [more…]

Stamping Out Errors with Text to Speech in Excel 2002

Excel 2002 is unique in the Office XP suite in its support of the new Text to Speech feature, which enables you to have your computer read back any series of cell entries. This feature is perfect for when [more…]

Editing Documents with IBM Workplace Services Express

Usually, you can edit your own documents in IBM Workplace Services Express (WSE), and, depending on the document library's access settings, you may able to edit teammates' documents, too. However, sometimes [more…]

Discovering Portlets in IBM Workplace Services Express

Any page that's interactive in any way includes one or more portlets. A portlet is actually a small computer program, written in Java. Some pages contain multiple portlets that display information or are [more…]

Getting to Know Team Spaces in IBM Workplace Services Express

In IBM Workplace Services Express, a team space is sort of the home page for a particular team or project; it's the online place where everything that's related to the team or project is stored. All the [more…]

Frequently Used Toolbar Buttons in Peachtree

Toolbar buttons complete the tasks in selected Peachtree windows. These toolbar buttons are used over and over in Peachtree, so get to know their names and functions: [more…]

Debit and Credit Rules when Using Peachtree

Peachtree helps you keep debit and credit rules straight when you're managing business financials. Just remember: Credits and debits must equal each other. Peachtree will do the accounting work for you [more…]

Peachtree Keyboard Shortcuts

Peachtree speeds up your accounting tasks — and keyboard shortcuts speed up Peachtree. Get to know these Peachtree key combinations ( or keyboard shortcuts) and their functions to help you quickly and [more…]

Important Web Addresses for Peachtree Help

If you need help with Peachtree or have questions about managing your company’s finances, these web sites have the information you need: [more…]

Choosing Antivirus Software to Protect Your Computer

When you buy a new computer, one of the most important things to install is antivirus software and spyware removal software to protect your computer from Internet hackers. Make sure you install some trusted [more…]

Searching for Text in Eclipse

As your Eclipse project gets larger and more complex, being able to find specific snippets of Java code easily becomes important. Luckily, Eclipse offers you multiple ways to search for text in your Java [more…]

Dealing with Javadoc Comments in Eclipse

When you use Eclipse to write Java code, don't forget to edit the Javadoc comments (the things that start with /**). You can add useful information when you edit the Javadoc comments, and as you edit them [more…]

Getting Help from Eclipse

With both the complexity of Java and the nuance of Eclipse, you can't be expected to remember everything. Sometimes, you need a little more help from Eclipse to get your programming going. Luckily, Eclipse [more…]

Getting Things Done with Eclipse

Once you’ve installed Eclipse, take advantage of all the features to enhance the IDE (integrated development environment) and create effective Java applications. Check out all the stuff you can do: [more…]

Selecting the Correct SAS Product

SAS Institute offers hundreds of SAS products, and sometimes it's difficult to decide which tool you should use for your work. Here is a partial list of SAS products you might encounter and who uses them [more…]

Main Toolbar Buttons for OpenOffice.org

The main toolbar in OpenOffice.org, which appears on the left side of the screen, has many of the frequently used OpenOffice.org commands. Some buttons on the main toolbar lead to a fly-out toolbar, which [more…]

OpenOffice.org Function Toolbar Buttons

In all applications of OpenOffice.org, the function toolbar is the most alike. It appears at the top of the OpenOffice.org application window and has basic commands that can be used for a variety of tasks [more…]

OpenOffice.org For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The OpenOffice.org office suite has lots of tools to make work life easier. When you're working in OpenOffice.org, get to know the function toolbar (which looks pretty much the same in all applications [more…]


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