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How to Utilize Evernote iPad App in a Classroom

Evernote iPad app is the digital equivalent of a school notebook, so it's easy to utilize in your classroom. Evernote notes you create on your school iPad can be accessed across all your devices at school [more…]

How to Create Class Notes with Evernote iPad App

Evernote iPad app can store class notes across devices. Use Evernote in your iPad classroom to store text, audio, photos, and other digital content, and disseminate it to students when needed. You can [more…]

Search Class Notes Created with Evernote iPad App

Use Evernote iPad app to store text, audio, photos, and other digital content. Search your Evernote notes to locate stored information. Evernote iPad app allows you to create information for your students [more…]

Helpful Mac Shortcuts for Using Evernote

The following are the basic Evernote shortcut keys to speed up your organization. (The usual Mac shortcuts, such as Command + C to copy or Command + V to paste, also work in Evernote.) [more…]

Evernote Shortcuts for Windows PCs

The following are the basic Evernote shortcut keys to speed up your organization. (The usual Windows shortcuts, such as Ctrl + C to copy or Ctrl + V to paste, also work in Evernote.) [more…]

Evernote For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Increase productivity with Evernote software; it's an easy and efficient way to organize your home, work, or school life. Regardless of the computer or portable device you use [more…]

How to Clip Kindle Text to Evernote

With help from Evernote and ClippingsConverter, you can clip interesting words as you read a book or newspaper on your Kindle and review the words later. ClippingsConverter [more…]

How to Change Evernote to Text-Only View

With all Android devices, Windows computers, and Macintosh computers you can display your Evernote notes in text-only view. This view is helpful because it maximizes the number of notes you can see. [more…]

How to Handwrite Notes in Evernote for Android

One of the best features of Evernote for Android enables you to move easily from handwriting to typing to taking photos and back, all within a single note. Recorded speech, an ink drawing, and typed text [more…]

How to Capture References in Evernote on Mobile Devices

If you have Evernote and the free app ReferenceME, you can easily manage and organize the references and sources from your research projects. Whether for school or work, you can capture references on your [more…]

Using the Windows Command Line with Evernote

Although the MS-DOS operating system isn't often used today, the command shell — now more commonly known as the Windows command line — is still used; it's especially useful when you want to automate repetitive [more…]

10 Ways Evernote Can Enhance Your Productivity

The uses of Evernote are infinite, limited only by your own imagination. This article offers you some ideas about using Evernote to enhance your creativity and productivity. [more…]

How to Use Evernote Everywhere

If you’ve been playing with computers since you were growing up, you might think you’ve seen it all. Remarkably, Evernote is the first piece of software many people have ever seen, much less used, that [more…]

How to Choose an Evernote Account

Before you can harness the power of Evernote for your personal and business needs, you have to choose which type of account you want to use — and then, of course, sign up for it. Here’s how to get your [more…]

How to Register for a Free Evernote Account

It’s a good idea to start with a free Evernote account so that you can see just how powerful Evernote is at even the most basic level. [more…]

Use Evernote for Notes and Research

Evernote is ideal for taking notes and for doing research. Whenever you want to remember something, don’t write it down anymore. Papers create clutter and are easy to misplace. Just make a note of it with [more…]

What Can You Save with Evernote?

With Evernote, you can save, or capture, just about anything: your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see. You can save web pages or portions of them, photographs, scanned documents [more…]

Install Evernote on Windows Computers

You can download Evernote for your mobile devices at Evernote. Evernote is free of charge for all supported devices, and you can download all the versions you need for all your devices. [more…]

Install Evernote on Macintosh Computers

You can install Evernote on Macintosh desktop and laptop computers. On most devices, for Premium and Business users, offline access is supported from the local copy of your notebooks when a network connection [more…]

How to Install Evernote for Mobile Devices

It’s worthwhile to install Evernote on all your devices. The process takes only a few minutes, and there’s no cost. Downloading Evernote on all your devices is also the best way to make sure that you have [more…]

About Evernote Web Clipper for Web Browsers

After you create your Evernote account, you can choose the version for the platform or device you need. Simply click the link in the Welcome to Evernote e-mail shown in the figure. Evernote recognizes [more…]

4 Ways to Use Evernote in Your Browser

Here’s how you can use Evernote in any of the four most common browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. First, you’ll need to install Evernote’s Web Clipper. [more…]

How to Create a Notebook in Evernote

Although Evernote creates a notebook for you when you create an account, and although you can join an increasingly large collection of public notebooks or those shared by your friends, chances are that [more…]

How to Share an Evernote Notebook

When you hover over the name of a notebook in Evernote, you see two icons: a gear icon, which allows you to rename a notebook, and the Share icon, which looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it. [more…]

How to Share an Evernote Notebook Publicly

A shared notebook in Evernote is a notebook that you’re sharing with others and that you can always update because it’s yours. A linked notebook is one created by another user that you can link to your [more…]


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