Dragon NaturallySpeaking Troubleshooting & Error Messages

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How To Undo Spoken Mistakes in NaturallySpeaking

Making a verbal mistake or “blooper” that you need to undo is easy to do with speech input in NaturallySpeaking. You call across the office to someone or mutter something sarcastic, and NaturallySpeaking [more…]

How To Correct Dictation as You Go in NaturallySpeaking

It seems that dictating to Dragon NaturallySpeaking should be a far easier way to communicate than by tapping your fingers across a keyboard. And the basics of dictating are, in fact, pretty easy. You [more…]

Common Dictation Problems in NaturallySpeaking

Following are some common problems users experience with dictation in NaturallySpeaking. You can fix many of them by using the Correction menu box, or by word or vocabulary training: [more…]

How to Correct a NaturallySpeaking Recognition Error

Depending on how quickly you catch the error, you can correct it in one of the following two ways: [more…]

Correct What You Say Online with Dragon Dictation

The correction process with Dragon Dictation is a bit different when you dictate with your mobile device versus working with NaturallySpeaking on your PC. On your PC, you have the luxury of correcting [more…]

How to Correct Your Transcription in Dragon NaturallySpeaking

When Dragon NaturallySpeaking transcribes your recorded voice, it’s kind of exciting to watch as your words are printed out magically on the screen. The hitch comes when you spot errors. Just like regular [more…]

How To Check Your Microphone for NaturallySpeaking

Many a slip happens between the PC and the lip. Following are some of the problems NaturallySpeaking may be having on the microphone end of things, and what to do about them: [more…]

How To Choose a USB Microphone for NaturallySpeaking

One great way to get better quality audio input for Dragon NaturallySpeaking and bypass all the microphone/sound-card stuff entirely is to get a USB (Universal Serial Bus) microphone. It’s probably the [more…]

A Quiet Environment for Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking

In general, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, like the rest of us, works best in a quiet environment. Noise from an open window, kids, dogs, appliances, fans, air-conditioners, ringing phones, shredders, coffee [more…]

Do You Need to Speak Better to Dragon?

You probably could speak a bit better. Improving your speech habits is one of the best and cheapest ways to cut down on errors in NaturallySpeaking.

On the other hand, don’t go nuts. For instance, try to [more…]

How NaturallySpeaking Adjusts to Your Speech

There are a lot of tips for speaking better, however, remember NaturallySpeaking is pretty adaptable to a wide variety of speech habits. The only speech flaws that can’t be compensated for, in some way [more…]

How To Use Dragon's Accuracy Center

Training and improving NaturallySpeaking is the key to an almost flawless experience over time. Take the time to work with the software and train it to understand your special way of communicating. [more…]

How To Personalize Your NaturallySpeaking Vocabulary

Personalizing your Dragon NaturallySpeaking vocabulary involves two functions. The first is vocabulary editing, which lets you add words to the NaturallySpeaking vocabulary and, optionally, train NaturallySpeaking [more…]

Add a New Word or Phrase with NaturallySpeaking

Adding a word tells NaturallySpeaking that you want to include something new to its vocabulary. The accompanying Word training also teaches NaturallySpeaking how [more…]

How To Add Shortcuts in NaturallySpeaking's Vocabulary Editor

To add custom terms to the NaturallySpeaking active vocabulary, click the Open the Vocabulary Editor link from the Accuracy Center (or you can launch the Vocabulary Editor by choosing Vocabulary→Vocabulary [more…]

Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Everybody makes mistakes, and some people make really big and entertaining mistakes. I made a ton of mistakes with NaturallySpeaking, and probably you’ll make some, too, from time to time. Here’s all I [more…]

Dictating to NaturallySpeaking But Nothing Happens?

There is a problem if words leave your mouth when you dictate to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but they don't appear on the screen. Obviously, they must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Suppose we follow [more…]

Getting Incorrect Results with NaturallySpeaking?

If NaturallySpeaking just doesn’t get it right when you dictate, you’re having what’s called recognition errors or accuracy problems. Now, don’t you feel better, having an official diagnosis of your problem [more…]

Speaking Commands But They Get Typed as Text?

Few things are more frustrating than to select the most important line in your document and say to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, “Italicize That” only to watch the whole line disappear and be replaced with [more…]

Is NaturallySpeaking Inserting Extra Little Words?

Some days, you find your Dragon NaturallySpeaking documents littered with little words like in or to or and. You are sure you didn’t say them. Your NaturallySpeaking assistant just seems to have an overactive [more…]

Dealing with Slow Dictation in NaturallySpeaking?

You dictate something to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and then you wait. How long is it going to take to figure out what you said? Did it even hear you? Should you repeat? Finally, the words show up. [more…]

When NaturallySpeaking Menu Commands Don’t Work

When you give a command to NaturallySpeaking, such as “Click” and nothing happens, the likely problem is that your Use Menus That Are Compatible with Screen Readers check box is unchecked. To check it: [more…]

When Start Doesn’t Start in NaturallySpeaking

When you give the "Start" command to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you say “Start America Online”or “Start Microsoft Works” or “Start Quicken” and the program should open. But what if it doesn't? What’s the [more…]

Ten Time-Saving Tips for NaturallySpeaking

Sometimes the difference between doing well and just getting by when using new software is a well-placed piece of advice from a wiser and more experienced mentor. Here are ten things you may wish somebody [more…]

How to Bold, Italicize, and Underline Text in NaturallySpeaking

One way to create bold, italic, or underlined text in Dragon NaturallySpeaking is to select the text and then say, “Bold That,” “Italicize That,” or “Underline That.” [more…]


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