Dragon NaturallySpeaking Basics

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How To Capitalize Text in NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking does some capitalization for you, as you dictate. For example, it generally capitalizes the first letter of a sentence. (Its cue to capitalize is that you have started a new paragraph [more…]

What Dragon NaturallySpeaking Can Do for You

Something about dictating to a computer awakens all kinds of unrealistic expectations in people. If you expect it to serve you breakfast in bed, you’re out of luck. This article wasn't written by saying [more…]

Expand the Use of Speech Recognition

Voice recognition such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking is used in places like cars, hospitals, and legal offices. Yet, some people are still skeptical about software that enables you to dictate to your computer [more…]

How NaturallySpeaking Learns to Recognize Speech

Computers are very smart when it comes to brain-straining things like playing chess and filling out tax returns, so you may think they’d be whizzes at “simple” activities like recognizing faces or understanding [more…]

How Dragon NaturallySpeaking Works

In order to work effectively for you, a speech-recognition program like NaturallySpeaking needs to combine four vastly different areas of knowledge. It needs to know a lot about speaking in general, about [more…]

Overview of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Process

By now, you have chosen the version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking that is best for you, you have concluded that your hardware configuration is appropriate, and you are sitting in front of your computer ready [more…]

Choose or Switch Users in NaturallySpeaking

When you launch Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it may ask you to choose a user. If it doesn’t ask, don’t worry. You probably have only one user: you.

Remember that when you first set up NaturallySpeaking, you [more…]

Why Use the NaturallySpeaking DragonPad?

Before you start dictating, employing one of the myriad applications you can use with NaturallySpeaking, take a look at the DragonPad. To open it, go to the DragonBar and choose Tools→DragonPad. [more…]

Format Text in NaturallySpeaking

The Format menu is where all the formatting stuff hangs out: fonts, indentations, alignments, bullets, and tabs. Like the Edit menu, the Format menu is straightforward if you have used a word processor [more…]

How To Save and Open Documents in NaturallySpeaking

You save a NaturallySpeaking document the old-school way: with a menu choice or toolbar button. As in any other application, you can use a voice command to make the menu choice, such as saying, [more…]

NaturallySpeaking Tools and When to Use Them

You’re saying, "Let’s dictate, already!" But NaturallySpeaking will never get any better at its job if you don’t use the tools found in the menus of the DragonBar. They help you get the most accuracy from [more…]

Distinguish between Text and Commands in NaturallySpeaking

As you can see in the figure, NaturallySpeaking lets you mix dictation (words that get converted into text) and commands (instructions to the computer). You don’t have to press or click anything to tell [more…]

Control Your Microphone in NaturallySpeaking

Some people switch the microphone off and on to avoid inserting the garbage text that comes from coughing, sneezing, or answering the phone. Dragon NaturallySpeaking gives you several ways to control the [more…]

Control Paragraph Spacing in NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking automatically does some word, sentence, and paragraph spacing. You can control that spacing, or add space of your own. Understanding a letter or other document depends not only [more…]

Control Spaces and Tabs in NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking does a pretty good job of automatic spacing. It usually deals with spaces around punctuation in the way that you want it to. Occasionally, however, you will want to add a few spaces [more…]

How To Punctuate and Capitalize in NaturallySpeaking

Dictating isn’t quite like speaking. Unlike human listeners, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can’t interpret the inflections and pauses in our voices as punctuation. When you dictate, you have to make an effort [more…]

Enter Numbers and Dates in NaturallySpeaking

When people speak about numbers and dates, they use many different forms. Remarkably, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can figure it out. You can say, “eight o’clock AM” [more…]

How To Undo Spoken Mistakes in NaturallySpeaking

Making a verbal mistake or “blooper” that you need to undo is easy to do with speech input in NaturallySpeaking. You call across the office to someone or mutter something sarcastic, and NaturallySpeaking [more…]

How To Correct Dictation as You Go in NaturallySpeaking

It seems that dictating to Dragon NaturallySpeaking should be a far easier way to communicate than by tapping your fingers across a keyboard. And the basics of dictating are, in fact, pretty easy. You [more…]

Move Around in a Document with NaturallySpeaking

You can do all your editing by voice, just as if you were dictating your changes to a real person instead of your virtual NaturallySpeaking assistant. Basically, when you tell NaturallySpeaking where to [more…]

How To Give the Cursor Directions in NaturallySpeaking

You can use the Move command to move the cursor in different directions in Dragon NaturallySpeaking: forward or backward a certain number of characters, words, lines, or paragraphs. The short form of the [more…]

Go to the Head of the Line in NaturallySpeaking

Like telling your cab driver to go to the end of a street, you can tell NaturallySpeaking to go the beginning or end of the document, current paragraph, current line, or whatever block of text is selected [more…]

How To Delete Text with NaturallySpeaking

The simplest way to delete text using Dragon NaturallySpeaking is to use the Scratch That command to delete recently dictated text. You can use Scratch That [more…]

How To Cut, Paste, and Undo in NaturallySpeaking

Editing a document involves using NaturallySpeaking several activities: inserting new text, deleting text, replacing text by dictating over it, and rearranging the document by cutting text from one place [more…]

How to Format Text in NaturallySpeaking

NaturallySpeaking makes formatting text very easy with voice commands. Text that is all the same font, size, and style can be pretty boring. Because of advances in web design, everyone’s expectations for [more…]


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