Manipulate Documents with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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Move the Cursor with NaturallySpeaking in Spreadsheets

The Move Up/Down/Left/Right commands can also be used when you work with spreadsheets. They do exactly what you need: move the cursor from one cell to another. If the currently selected cell is B2, saying [more…]

Input Spreadsheet Data with NaturallySpeaking

Spreadsheets are all about manipulating numbers, so the obvious question is how to get the numbers into the spreadsheet in the first place. The basic idea of how to get a number or date or time [more…]

Useful Reformatting Commands for Excel with NaturallySpeaking

Spreadsheets like Excel are capable of displaying numbers, dates, and times in a nearly infinite number of ways. Your best bet is not to worry too much about how to format a number in NaturallySpeaking [more…]

How to Bold, Italicize, and Underline Text in NaturallySpeaking

One way to create bold, italic, or underlined text in Dragon NaturallySpeaking is to select the text and then say, “Bold That,” “Italicize That,” or “Underline That.” [more…]

How to Use the NaturallySpeaking Dictation Box

Wondering when to use the NaturallySpeaking Dictation Box? Work at the Dictation Box level when you find you don’t have all the voice commands you normally use. The following tips give you an idea of what [more…]

How to Use NaturallySpeaking 12 Smart Formatting

In NaturallySpeaking 12, a new feature has been added that you likely will come across during dictation. It’s called the Smart Format Rules box. This box pops up when you change the format of a word that [more…]

How to Locate Commands in NaturallySpeaking’s Command Browser with the Keyword Filter

Just like searching on the web, you can find commands in the NaturallySpeaking Command Browser by using keywords. The Keyword Filter makes it easy to find the actual command for a function you would like [more…]

How to Use NaturallySpeaking with Common Dialog Boxes

NaturallySpeaking can help you control dialog boxes. These are “Look Ma, no hands” examples. Everything is done with voice commands. Naturally, sometimes you can accomplish the task faster by pecking a [more…]

How to Open the Auto-Formatting Dialog Box in NaturallySpeaking

Some users have a tendency to skip over auto-formatting because they don’t think they’ll need it. Auto-formatting in NaturallySpeaking is important, so don’t skip it. You will access it from the Open the [more…]


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