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How to Use the Nuance Knowledgebase for Help with NaturallySpeaking

If you like to look things up yourself rather than ask for help, the Dragon website provides ample reference sources you can look through. If the particular problem you’re facing isn’t absolutely unique [more…]

Online Resources to Help with NaturallySpeaking

In addition to making expert opinions and information available to you, the Internet also gives you ample opportunities to trade NaturallySpeaking information with others. Through these media, you can [more…]

Starting to Dictate with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

After you have installed NaturallySpeaking on a computer with all the necessary system requirements and performed the initial training, you're on the road to a beautiful friendship with your assistant. [more…]

Punctuating with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

If you can train yourself to do it, it's great to add punctuation with Dragon NaturallySpeaking as you dictate. Here's how to insert common punctuation marks as you speak. [more…]

Quickly Correcting with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

When you dictate, make sure to correct the mistakes that Dragon NaturallySpeaking makes so that your accuracy improves over time. Making quick corrections to your dictation will save you lots of time and [more…]

Getting Help with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

If you need help, you are never far away in Dragon NaturallySpeaking with the DragonBar open. Here are some of the ways that you can find help directly from the DragonBar on your desktop: [more…]

Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Another Application

The first step controlling other applications with Dragon NaturallySpeaking is to make the words you say appear in a window controlled by the other application. To get those first words to show up in the [more…]

Dragon NaturallySpeaking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Dragon NaturallySpeaking puts you in control of your computer with the sound of your voice. You can dictate messages, browse the Web, and control popular applications. Here's the straight scoop to take [more…]

Practicing for Flawless Dictation in Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Practice makes perfect. When you first get started, you may be unclear about how to dictate add-in punctuation and formatting. As a test, try to speak the following dictation using the DragonPad with the [more…]

5 Ways to Increase Productivity with Dragon Go!

Finding ways to save time, that don't take a lot of time to discover, is a lifesaver. Using the free download of the Dragon Go! voice recognition smartphone app, you have an instant answer to many of life's [more…]

How to Navigate among Open Applications on Your PC with NaturallySpeaking

If you have several applications open on your PC and others you want to open, use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to navigate among them. So, you don't want to have to commit all those open apps to memory; just [more…]

5 Quick Tips to Improve the Way You Speak to Your Dragon Assistant

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software is amazingly accurate, but you can do these things to improve its accuracy even more: [more…]

How to Use the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Microphone

It can be amusing when you realize that your Dragon NaturallySpeaking microphone has been on the entire time you took your last phone call. The words you dictated won't look anything like what you said [more…]

How to Launch Accuracy Tuning in NaturallySpeaking

Here’s where the correction and fine-tuning of your dictation really pay off. From the Launch Accuracy Tuning Now link in the Accuracy Center (or from Audio→Launch Accuracy Tuning), you’ll be presented [more…]

10 Stupid Dragon Tricks

Nuance created NaturallySpeaking to handle dictation in contemporary English (or French or Italian or German or Spanish, if you have one of those versions). The idea was to make it easier for you to write [more…]

How to Create a User Profile in Dragon NaturallySpeaking

If you wonder how NaturallySpeaking 13 maintains a 99 percent accuracy rate, the secret is in the user profile. The profile learns your unique speech patterns and word choices. But, as with any good assistant [more…]

How to Launch Dragon NaturallySpeaking

There are a couple of different ways to launch and control NaturallySpeaking. To get started with NaturallySpeaking, launch the product in one of the following ways: [more…]

How to Change Font Size in NaturallySpeaking

To change the size of a font from within NaturallySpeaking, you must know the point size that you want. If, for example, you want to change some text to 18 point, you can select it and say [more…]

How to Use the Spell That Feature of NaturallySpeaking

One way to correct a simple mistake in NaturallySpeaking is to select the mistaken word and spell the correct one. You can do this from the Correction menu by saying [more…]

Smart Formatting in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13

In version 13 of NaturallySpeaking, there is a feature that you likely will come across during dictation. It’s called the Smart Format Rules box. This box pops up when you change the format of a word that [more…]

How to Create Bullets and Numbered Lists in NaturallySpeaking

Clear, concise writing requires more than just simple paragraphs. For example, For Dummies books just couldn’t exist without bullets and numbered lists. How can you create bulleted lists with voice commands [more…]

How to Use Full Text Control Applications with NaturallySpeaking

In some applications, NaturallySpeaking gives you the capability to select, correct, or move the cursor to text in a document by saying the text. This capability is called Full Text Control, and the applications [more…]

How to Use the "Click" Command in NaturallySpeaking

The engineers at Nuance can’t anticipate every command that any stray application could possibly use, so they’ve done the next best thing: They made the [more…]

How to Use Outlook Notes with NaturallySpeaking

Outlook Notes is a great place to jot down important things you don’t want to forget. It works well with NaturallySpeaking because its main purpose is dictation, just like any word processor. If you want [more…]

Aggregate E-Mail Accounts with Thunderbird and NaturallySpeaking

If you use Thunderbird, Mozilla Foundation’s free e-mail client, you know that it’s an open source application and works cross-platform. This means that it is created by developers who donate their time [more…]

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