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Move the Mouse Pointer Very Slightly with NaturallySpeaking

The NaturallySpeaking voice commands let you move the mouse pointer anywhere on your screen and give you access to the full range of mouse clicks: right, left, and double. If the mouse pointer is [more…]

How to Click the Mouse with NaturallySpeaking

NaturallySpeaking gives you two methods to move the mouse pointer. MouseGrid breaks up the screen (or the active window) into a series of squares, letting you zero in on the location you want to move the [more…]

Drag and Drop Voice Commands for NaturallySpeaking

After you have learned how to maneuver the mouse pointer and click, you’re ready to drag and drop. Drag-and-drop voice commands allow you to do almost everything that you can do with hand-and-mouse commands [more…]

NaturallySpeaking Dialogue Boxes and Hotkeys Commands

After you start dictating with NaturallySpeaking, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself conversing with a dialogue box. In fact, you may have been talking to NaturallySpeaking dialog boxes [more…]

How To Move the Cursor Around a Dialog Box

A dialog box may have any number of windows, textboxes, buttons, and so on, and you can speak Commands with NaturallySpeaking to move the cursor around. Before you can deal with any particular component [more…]

Record First, Transcribe Later with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking gives you the option of recording first and transcribing later. One of the nice things about recording on a portable recorder is that you can sit there talking into a little box [more…]

How to Use a Portable Recorder with NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking works well with many different recorders. The Nuance website has a Hardware Compatibility List that lists recorders that they have tested with their products, as shown in this [more…]

Connect Your Recorder to Your PC for NaturallySpeaking

To transfer your voice recording from your recorder to your PC to use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you need a physical connection between the recorder and your PC. If your recorder is not digital, you [more…]

Add a Dictation Source to Your Current Profile

Your recorded voice sounds so different from your live voice that you have to train Dragon NaturallySpeaking to recognize it. Training NaturallySpeaking to understand your recorded voice is just like training [more…]

Transfer Files from a Digital Recorder to NaturallySpeaking

After recording your dictation on a digital recording for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you will need to transfer the digital file from your recorder to your PC. You need instructions from the recorder [more…]

Transcribe with the AutoTranscribe Folder Agent in NaturallySpeaking

If you have a recurring transcription to input to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the AutoTranscribe Folder Agent saves you time. For example, if you record a weekly podcast, you can set up a specific folder [more…]

How to Correct Your Transcription in Dragon NaturallySpeaking

When Dragon NaturallySpeaking transcribes your recorded voice, it’s kind of exciting to watch as your words are printed out magically on the screen. The hitch comes when you spot errors. Just like regular [more…]

Use Firefox as Your Browser with NaturallySpeaking

If you enjoy using Firefox over Internet Explorer, the Nuance folks serve you well. NaturallySpeaking works equally well with Firefox, so you can just select links by saying them in that browser instead [more…]

Use the Favorites Menu with NaturallySpeaking

By far, the easiest way to connect to a web page is to store its location on the Favorites menu. Using this menu is also the simplest, quickest way to keep track of websites and return to them by voice [more…]

How To Enter Information on the Web with NaturallySpeaking

Many web pages contain forms for you to fill out or textboxes into which you can dictate longer messages. NaturallySpeaking has special commands for entering such information or messages. [more…]

How To Use Web Shortcuts with NaturallySpeaking

Many of the activities you normally perform on the Internet are supported by new special shortcuts created by Nuance. Take advantage of these shortcuts because you can use them no matter where you are. [more…]

Install the Dragon LifeStyle Speech Pack

You may find the installation of the LifeStyle Speech Pack a bit complex. The trick is to know where to put the activation code at the right time. To install the Speech Pack, open the file with your activation [more…]

How To Check Your Microphone for NaturallySpeaking

Many a slip happens between the PC and the lip. Following are some of the problems NaturallySpeaking may be having on the microphone end of things, and what to do about them: [more…]

How To Choose a USB Microphone for NaturallySpeaking

One great way to get better quality audio input for Dragon NaturallySpeaking and bypass all the microphone/sound-card stuff entirely is to get a USB (Universal Serial Bus) microphone. It’s probably the [more…]

A Quiet Environment for Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking

In general, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, like the rest of us, works best in a quiet environment. Noise from an open window, kids, dogs, appliances, fans, air-conditioners, ringing phones, shredders, coffee [more…]

Create and Manage Users in NaturallySpeaking

If several people use your NaturallySpeaking software, or if you dictate using different words or writing styles, you may need multiple users. Here’s why and how to create and manage those users. [more…]

How To Add a New User to NaturallySpeaking

Setting up a new user in Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a lot like setting up the original user: You’re off to see the New User Wizard. Invoke the wizard’s name in either of the following ways: [more…]

How To Transfer Dragon User Profiles

DVDs don’t remember whether they’ve been read before, so installing Dragon NaturallySpeaking on a new computer is just like installing it the first time. If you are transferring your User Profiles from [more…]

How To List or Delete Users on NaturallySpeaking

If you aren't sure what users you have in Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you can find them listed in the Open User dialog box. If your copy of NaturallySpeaking has more than one user, the Open User dialog [more…]

Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to Interact with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used business e-mail client. When used in combination with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it is a Full Text Control application that also provides some Natural Language [more…]


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