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Getting to Know the Illustrator CS4 Workspace

The workspace in Adobe Illustrator CS4 helps you create and manage your files and documents using various elements like windows, panels, and tool bars. This diagram shows some tools and where they can [more…]

Tips and Tricks in Illustrator CS4

Knowing a few tricks of the trade will help speed up your work when creating your masterpiece in Adobe Illustrator CS4. Be ready to use these Illustrator tips to make your work easier and save time: [more…]

Illustrator CS4 Selecting and Moving Shortcuts

You can speed up your productivity when working in Adobe Illustrator CS4 by using keyboard shortcuts. Study this list of commands and their keystroke combinations for selecting and moving objects: [more…]

Illustrator CS4 Type Shortcuts

Whether you’re creating simple paragraphs or designing intricate artwork, here a few commands and their keyboard shortcuts (Mac and PC) to easily manipulate type in Adobe Illustrator CS4: [more…]

iWork For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In iWork, the basic commands for page layout, charts and tables, and graphic objects are the same for all six iWork applications — Pages, Keynote, and Presentations on Mac and iOS [more…]

Using Scrivener Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting and Editing

Work quickly when formatting or editing your documents in Scrivener by using the keyboard shortcuts in this table. Want to make some text bold without using the toolbar? Need to find something in the document [more…]

Examining the Scrivener Screen

The Scrivener screen has a few elements to it that might look different if you’re used to a traditional word processor’s screen. The major parts of the Scrivener interface [more…]

Using Scrivener Interface Keyboard Shortcuts

Keep your hands on the keyboard with these Scrivener keyboard shortcuts, all of which allow you to navigate the interface and access helpful project commands. [more…]

Working with Files Using Scrivener Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts in this table give you quick access to some of Scrivener’s most helpful functions for working with files. Press these button combinations to make file changes, instead of clicking [more…]

Scrivener For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Scrivener is a powerful writing program that lets you write the way you work best, whether that’s in one long, linear document, or a scattering of out-of-order scenes that you eventually knit together. [more…]

Adobe Flex 3.0 Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Flex Builder will let you work easily and quickly through powerful features and repetitive tasks while editing source code; some commands are context sensitive and perform [more…]

Adobe Flex 3.0 Quick Links

If you want to know more about Adobe Flex or sharpen your Flex skills take advantage of the online Flex resources listed below to get started and learn some great tips and tricks for your application development [more…]

Adobe Flex 3.0 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Software developers will love how Adobe Flex 3.0 easily lets them build rich internet applications with Flex Builder keyboard shortcuts. If you’re just getting started using Flex 3.0, find helpful online [more…]

Building a Software Pattern Catalog

When you start using patterns to solve software design problems, you'll find a few favorites. Record these favorites in your own software pattern catalog for future reference— it's good practice. Select [more…]

What Is Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture?

Understanding pattern-oriented software architecture (POSA) begins with understanding the two concepts that it comprises: software architecture and software patterns. [more…]

Getting Connected with the Software Pattern Community

Whether you're a software architect, engineer, or designer, you're likely interested in software patterns and, therefore, the software pattern community. You can get involved with this community in several [more…]

Software Architecture: How to Reference Software Patterns

Whenever you're writing a document and want to refer to a software pattern, be sure to give your readers enough information that they can find the same pattern themselves. Software patterns appear in books [more…]

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Once you know what pattern-oriented software architecture (POSA) is, diving into the software pattern community can be a real benefit — you can share your experience and gain from other people's experiences [more…]

Frequently Used Sibelius Shortcuts

Sibelius is world's best-selling music creation software. When you're using Sibelius to compose, refine, or listen to your music, you soon realize that you use certain keystrokes more often than others [more…]

How to Utilize Evernote iPad App in a Classroom

Evernote iPad app is the digital equivalent of a school notebook, so it's easy to utilize in your classroom. Evernote notes you create on your school iPad can be accessed across all your devices at school [more…]

How to Create Class Notes with Evernote iPad App

Evernote iPad app can store class notes across devices. Use Evernote in your iPad classroom to store text, audio, photos, and other digital content, and disseminate it to students when needed. You can [more…]

Search Class Notes Created with Evernote iPad App

Use Evernote iPad app to store text, audio, photos, and other digital content. Search your Evernote notes to locate stored information. Evernote iPad app allows you to create information for your students [more…]

What NaturallySpeaking Can’t Do

Even with NaturallySpeaking, your computer’s capability to understand English is more limited than what you can reasonably expect from a human. People use a very wide sense of context to figure out what [more…]

How Long for Training NaturallySpeaking?

Training a new piece of software is a strange idea. Other computer programs don’t need to be trained. When you get a new word processor, it doesn’t have to watch you type for awhile before it catches on [more…]

The Latest Generation of the NaturallySpeaking Programs

The current generation of NaturallySpeaking, version 12, was released in the second half of 2012. In addition to the usual bug fixes and incremental improvements that you expect in a new version of an [more…]

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