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Using Word 2007's Thesaurus (and Other Proofing Tools)

One of the nifty Word 2007 features is a built-in thesaurus that can quickly show you synonyms for a word that you type. Using it is easy:

1. Right-click a word that you typed and choose Synonyms from the [more…]

How to Get Help from Word 2007

The easiest way to get help from Word 2007 is to press the F1 key. The cool part about the F1 key is that if you press it while you're performing some obscure task deep inside some strange dialog box or [more…]

Using the Word 2007 Research Task Pane

The Research task pane of Word 2007 is a handy tool for searching reference materials, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries. The Research task pane synonym feature is also an advanced version of the [more…]

Looking at What's New in Word 2007

Earlier versions of Microsoft Word all looked alike. They had menus, toolbars, task panes, and other pop-up, drop-down, leak-out stuff. With Word 2007, all of that is gone. Word 2007 sports no menus — [more…]

How to Replace Text in Word 2007

You can use the Find and Replace feature to replace text in your Word 2007 document. You can even replace text with nothing, which is useful for stripping out text that you don’t want. [more…]

What Is a Word 2007 Template?

A Word 2007 template is a special type of Word document. Templates can contain styles, formatting, perhaps a header or footer, and even some text. They're created just like documents but are saved to disk [more…]

How to Open Word 2007 from the Start Button

Without fail, the place to start Word 2007 is at the fabled Start button. It may not be the coolest way to start Word, but it’s consistent and reliable — a good tool to have when you need to create a document [more…]

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