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Get to Know the Word 2007 Mail Merge Feature

Mail Merge is a feature in Word 2007 that allows you to take a single document, like a letter, stir in a list of names and data, and combine (merge) everything into a final set of documents, each of which [more…]

How to Create Labels with Mail Merge in Word 2007

You can use the Mail Merge feature in Word 2007 to create labels. Word prints on labels just as it prints on any sheet of paper, with each cell the same size as the sticky labels. When the sheet is printed [more…]

Word 2007 Mail Merge — Step 1: Creating the Main Document

To use the Word 2007 Mail Merge feature, you begin with a main document. This can be created from a new, blank document, a template, or an existing document. [more…]

Word 2007 Mail Merge — Step 2: Assigning Fields

Once you build your main document in Word 2007, you need to assign fields to perform a mail merge. You should now have a good idea of what type and how many fields you need. [more…]

Word 2007 Mail Merge — Step 4: Inserting Fields into the Main Document

Once you have built the necessary records for your Word 2007 mail merge, you need to place the fields into the main document, by replacing the ALL CAPS placeholders you inserted earlier. [more…]

Word 2007 Mail Merge — Step 3: Building Records

After defining the fields you need for your Word 2007 mail merge, the next step is to complete the address list. To do that, you create a list of records, by entering the data for each field in each record [more…]

Word 2007 Mail Merge — Step 5: The Final Merge

With the merge fields inserted into the main Word 2007 document and the address list standing by, you’re ready to start your mail merge! [more…]

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