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How to Clear Formatting from Text in Word 2007

The Clear Formatting command in Word 2007 lets you peel away all formats from your text, just like you peel the skin from a banana. You can remove formatting from a block of selected text, or the text [more…]

How to Format Text with the Word 2007 Format Painter

You can use the Word 2007 Format Painter to quickly copy character and paragraph formatting from one bit of text to another. The Format Painter works only if you already have some text formatted the way [more…]

Use F2 to Copy and Move Text

After you select text in Word 2007, you can press F2 to copy the text and paste it elsewhere — even into another Word document you’re working on. As long as you can remember to use the F2 key, copying [more…]

How to Select Text with Your Mouse in Word 2007

You can use the computer mouse to select text in Word 2007. All you need to do is click a number of times or use the point-and-drag technique. [more…]

How to Select Large Chunks of Text in Word 2007

Word offers many ways to select text as a block in a Word 2007 document, from clicking a number of times to using the standard point-and-drag method. [more…]

How to Enter Text into a Word 2007 Table

To populate your Word 2007 table with text, you simply start typing. As you type, all the text fits into a single cell, which grows taller to accommodate long bits of text. To help you enter text and move [more…]

How to Format Text in Word 2007

Word 2007 lets you format text either while you are typing or after you’ve finished typing. With the first technique, you choose a text-formatting command first, and then type the text. All the text you [more…]

How to Use the Font Tab in Word 2007

The Font tab in the Word 2007 Font dialog box contains many commands for formatting text, including some that you can’t access from the Font group on the Home tab. For example, you can also add effects [more…]

How to Select Text with Your Keyboard in Word 2007

The secret to using the keyboard to select text in Word 2007 is the Shift key. By holding it down, you can use the standard keyboard commands that move the insertion pointer to select blocks of text. Use [more…]

How to Add Color to Your Text in Word 2007

The Font Color button in Word 2007 lets you add color to text in your documents. You can use the default color chosen by Word, or choose your own color to apply. Color can add personality to your correspondence [more…]

Collect and Paste from the Clipboard in Word 2007

In Word 2007, the Clipboard (a Windows storage area) can now hold multiple copied items at time, so you can “collect and paste” — copy, copy, copy, and then use a special Clipboard view pane to selectively [more…]

How to Find Word 2010's Paragraph Formatting Commands

Word 2010 provides ample tools for formatting paragraphs of text. There’s a simple way, for example, to automatically indent the first line of a paragraph. Word gathered some of the most popular paragraph-formatting [more…]

How to Set Line Spacing in Word 2010

Changing the line spacing in a Word 2010 document inserts extra space between all lines of text in a paragraph. Because Word adds the space below each line of text in the paragraph, the last line in the [more…]

How to Indent an Entire Paragraph in Word 2010

Just as you can indent the first line of a paragraph in Word 2010, you can indent every line of a paragraph. To indent an entire paragraph, you move the paragraph's left margin over to the right a notch [more…]

How to Manipulate a Paragraph with the Word 2010 Ruler

Paragraph formatting in Word 2010 can be confusing. A graphical way to manipulate a paragraph’s indentation and margins is to use the Ruler. The Ruler may be hidden in your copy of Word. To show the Ruler [more…]

How to Align and Justify Text in Word 2010

In Word 2010, paragraph alignment has nothing to do with politics, and justification has nothing to do with the right or wrong of how paragraphs are formatted. When you're talking Word, both terms refer [more…]

How to Make Space between Paragraphs in Word 2010

When writing in Word 2010, you don't have to press Enter twice to add extra space between paragraphs. Word can add that space for you, automatically: [more…]

How to Indent the First Line of a Paragraph in Word 2010

Do you suffer from the shame of manual paragraph indenting? Too many Word users — even those with the latest, Word 2010 — still begin a paragraph of text by pressing the Tab key. It's ugly, but it's a [more…]

How to Center a Page in a Word 2010 Document

If you want to center the text of a page in your Word 2010 document — for example, the title page — you can select Word's Center alignment option to align the text left to right. But how about centering [more…]


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