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How to Create Bulleted or Numbered Lists in Word 2010

If you want to create Word 2010 documents that contain lists of items, usually more than two, you have several ways to draw attention to those lists, including taking advantage of the Word bullets and [more…]

How to Align and Justify Text in Word 2010

In Word 2010, paragraph alignment has nothing to do with politics, and justification has nothing to do with the right or wrong of how paragraphs are formatted. When you're talking Word, both terms refer [more…]

How to Make Space between Paragraphs in Word 2010

When writing in Word 2010, you don't have to press Enter twice to add extra space between paragraphs. Word can add that space for you, automatically: [more…]

How to Indent the First Line of a Paragraph in Word 2010

Do you suffer from the shame of manual paragraph indenting? Too many Word users — even those with the latest, Word 2010 — still begin a paragraph of text by pressing the Tab key. It's ugly, but it's a [more…]

How to Modify or Create a Theme in Word 2010

Word 2010 doesn't allow you to create your own themes from scratch, but you can modify existing themes to make your own, custom theme. You start by modifying existing theme colors and fonts: [more…]

How to Use Word 2010 Text Effects

To apply some interesting and nonstardard text effects to your Word 2010 document, simply choose one from the Text Effects button menu. Word applies the effect you choose to any new text you type or any [more…]

How to Center a Page in a Word 2010 Document

If you want to center the text of a page in your Word 2010 document — for example, the title page — you can select Word's Center alignment option to align the text left to right. But how about centering [more…]

How to Disable Word 2010's AutoFormat Features

Sometimes you want to disable Word 2010's AutoFormat (which controls some minor text formatting while you type). Disabling Word's annoying (to some) habit of changing all Web addresses to hyperlinks, for [more…]

How to Build Fractions in Word 2010

Word 2010's AutoCorrect feature can build common fractions for you. Actually, Word doesn't build fractions as much as it pulls them from a set of existing fraction [more…]


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