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Lookup Columns in SharePoint 2010

Maintaining all your options in a Choice field can be cumbersome and prone to error. SharePoint 2010 uses a similar model to relational databases by separating the [more…]

Configure Your SharePoint 2010's Site Search Settings

The search box is just a text box with the prompt Search This Site inside it. Immediately, you can create a custom search results page, define the set of scopes that appear in the drop-down list next to [more…]

Search Scopes in SharePoint 2010

The drop-down boxes that appear next to a search box on a SharePoint 2010 site are used to select the search scope.SharePoint uses search scopes as a way to filter the content index. By limiting the user’s [more…]

SharePoint 2010's Search Center

SharePoint 2010 provides a site template that's built for delivering search results. You can use this template to create a branded search experience or to customize how results appear. You can choose among [more…]

Create Scopes and Add Scope Rules

You can add scope rules to existing scopes in SharePoint 2010. If you need to reuse your scope across multiple site collections, you may want to ask your search administrator to create a reusable scope [more…]

Add Your Own Search Results with SharePoint 2010

You can add a page or another item to your search results with SharePoint’s best bets. A best bet is a web address that you match to a search keyword. When someone searches for that keyword, your best [more…]

SharePoint 2010 Search Box Web Part, Results, and Analytics

Most websites let you search the site. End users probably won't be surprised to see the familiar search box in the upper-right corner of all SharePoint 2010 sites. Users can use this search box to search [more…]

Content Searches in SharePoint

If you have ever used Google, Bing, or, then you’re familiar with search engines. These search engines for the Internet are amazingly powerful and eerily comprehensive. SharePoint does a bang-up [more…]

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