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Folksonomies in SharePoint 2010 Sites

A folksonomy is a taxonomy (or set of terms) that arises as a result of people applying their own tags (metadata) to content objects. SharePoint 2010 provides another kind of metadata, [more…]

Create a New Site Content Type in SharePoint 2010

After you create a SharePoint 2010 library for everyone to store documents related to a project, over time, you develop a set of columns that allows you to track all the metadata. You might want to use [more…]

Associate a Content Type with a SharePoint List or Library

Content types are an extremely powerful way to associate metadata and actions with your SharePoint 2010 documents and list items. The role of the content type is to separate the metadata, workflows, document [more…]

Create a New Site Column in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 has a site column entity that allows you to reuse columns across multiple lists. When you create a new column in your list, you create a [more…]

Reuse Site Columns in SharePoint 2010

You've probably already been using site columns. All the standard SharePoint 2010 lists — Calendar, Contacts, Announcements, and so on — use site columns. That’s why each time you create a new Announcements [more…]

What's Included in SharePoint 2010?

SharePoint 2010 is a set of Microsoft products that enables businesses to meet their diverse needs in collaboration, social networking, information portals and public websites, enterprise content management [more…]

Types of Web Pages in SharePoint 2010

Although SharePoint 2010 gives you a lot of helpful tools to work with content, the ability to communicate effectively with your team, starting with a customizable home page, pulls everything together. [more…]

Common Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Web Parts are reusable components that display content on web pages in SharePoint 2010. Web Parts are a fundamental part of the team site experience, so make it a point to get comfortable with them and [more…]

Common SharePoint 2013 Web Parts

Web Parts are reusable components that display content on web pages in SharePoint 2013. Web Parts are a fundamental component in building SharePoint pages. A number of Web Parts ship right out of the box [more…]

Web Content Management in SharePoint

SharePoint 2013 is especially powerful in handling content. Content is a fairly simple concept. When you create a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet, you generate content. If you develop a web page [more…]


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