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Create Communities for the Corporate World with Sharepoint

SharePoint from Microsoft Office 365 brings online communities to the corporate world in a secure corporate environment. An online community is nothing more than a group of people coming together by using [more…]

Share Information with SharePoint Online Extranet Sites

Because SharePoint Online (one of the components of Microsoft Office 365) is online, you have the ability to share information with partners that are not part of your local network. These sites that you [more…]

The Publish to Access Services Feature in Access 2010

Access 2010 comes with a bunch of cool web database templates, some with instructional videos for using and configuring them. Before you create your own web database from scratch, you may want to check [more…]

How to Work with My Site via SharePoint Online

If your company subscribes to the Office 365 enterprise plan, you will have access to SharePoint Online social features, including My Site, which is a public page designed to let you share information [more…]

View and Edit Your Profile through SharePoint Online

Take the time to update you’re My Site profile — it will pay off. SharePoint Online, offered through Microsoft Office 365, is designed to help users find content and people faster by using a combination [more…]

How to Tag and Note with SharePoint Online

A tag allows you to label content or web pages with words or phrases that make sense to you. When you use SharePoint Online, part of the Office 365 suite of products, you can share your tags with colleagues [more…]

Add Files to Your Document Libraries

When you set up your personal site, SharePoint Online, which is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products, automatically creates a shared document library with open permissions and a separate [more…]

Create a Personal Blog with SharePoint Online

A blog is a great way to share your ideas and get feedback from others and SharePoint Online, part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of production, makes it easy to share via a blog. It’s also ideal for [more…]

Set Up Your Office 365 Team Site

Your Office 365 subscription automatically provisions a default team site for your organization. If you need a separate site for your team, you can easily create a subsite with its own unique permissions [more…]

Restore Previous Versions of Documents with SharePoint Online

When versioning is turned on in a SharePoint Online list or library, any changes you make to an item in a list or a file in a document library is stored as a version, allowing you to manage content as [more…]

Stay in Sync with Team Calendars and Tasks

The SharePoint Online calendar and task lists, along with the Office 365 cloud, provide a great solution to keep team members in sync, regardless of their location and time zone. SharePoint calendar and [more…]

Share Team Sites with External Users via SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online, one of the products bundled with Office 365, provides a unified infrastructure for organizations to share documents not only with colleagues, but also with external partners. A site [more…]

Set Up an Intranet with SharePoint Online's Publishing Template

SharePoint Online’s publishing template is designed for organizations with authorized team members with no programming skills that are charged with keeping the intranet’s content current through the web [more…]

Configure Persmissions for Your SharePoint Online Site

When you create a site collection in SharePoint Online, part of the Office 365 suite of products, you automatically get several SharePoint groups. View these groups and their associated permission levels [more…]

Create Additional Pages to SharePoint Online Intranets

Your SharePoint Online intranet is a repository for content created and published by a few and consumed by all members of your organization. To increase the relevance and optimize the distribution of information [more…]

Manage SharePoint Online's Press Release Subsite

Technically, your organization’s press releases can reside in a document library at the parent intranet site you've created on SharePoint Online, one of Microsoft Office 365's suite of products. [more…]

Manage Content with SharePoint Online Document Libraries

With SharePoint Online, one of the Office 365 products, document libraries work the same way they do had you spent the time, energy, and resources of implementing SharePoint yourself. With SharePoint Online [more…]

Manage Content with SharePoint Online Slide Libraries

SharePoint Online, one of the Office 365 products, includes a special library that is specifically geared for PowerPoint slides. Think of a slide library [more…]

Add Tags and Notes to SharePoint Online Pages

SharePoint Online includes a couple of features to help navigate and search a site based on the tags and notes left behind by yourself and others. A SharePoint Online site often grows over time to include [more…]

Manage Content with SharePoint Online Document Sets

In SharePoint Online, one of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products, a Document Set allows you to group documents together based on some criteria and then work with the group of documents as a single [more…]

Search Functionality of SharePoint Online

The search functionality of SharePoint Online, , one of the Office 365 suite of products, is very robust and brings a Google or Bing-type experience to the corporate documents. [more…]

How to Use SharePoint Online Excel Services

Excel Services is a service provided by SharePoint Online, one of Microsoft Office 365's suite of products, that provides integration between the Excel application and SharePoint. In particular, Excel [more…]

How to Use SharePoint Online Access Services

Access Services is a component of SharePoint Online, which is part of the Office 365 suite of products, that allows you to publish your Access application to a SharePoint site. All the forms, data, and [more…]

How to Use SharePoint Online Visio and InfoPath Form Services

SharePoint Online includes a number of services that organizations adopting SharePoint OnPremise have enjoyed for some time. In addition to Excel and Access Services, SharePoint Online includes Visio Services [more…]

Microsoft Office 365 Backstage View

The Microsoft Office 365 Backstage view is your one-stop-shop feature to see all the things you can do to any document you create. You access the Backstage view from the File menu. From there, various [more…]


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