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SharePoint 2013 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 provides a web-based platform that lets your organization be more productive and competitive. With SharePoint 2013, you can manage content, publish information, track processes [more…]

How to Access the Microsoft Forums for SharePoint 2013

Microsoft maintains a community forum for SharePoint 2013. You can access the forum for SharePoint 2013 and post questions and interact with other SharePoint users. [more…]

How to Add a User to a Site in SharePoint 2013

One of the most common aspects of SharePoint 2013 administration is adding a user to a site. This walkthrough takes you through sharing your site with other users. [more…]

How to Microblog in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 includes microblogging functionality similar to Twitter. Using the microblogging capabilities of SharePoint 2013, you can tag other users using the [more…]

How to Set Up a Task List in SharePoint 2013

Most SharePoint 2013 apps are based on lists. Creating your very own SharePoint app may sound a little daunting, but creating and customizing an app couldn’t be easier. The easiest way to create your own [more…]

How to Turn On Versioning in SharePoint 2013

Versioning in SharePoint 2013 can be turned on for each list-based or library-based app individually. One note of caution is that versioning can use an excessive amount of storage space in the database [more…]

How to Create a Site Collection in SharePoint Online

A Site Collection is a container for storing SharePoint sites. In SharePoint Online, you create a Site Collection using the Office 365 Administration interface. Using SharePoint Online is nearly identical [more…]

Add a Word Template as a Content Type in SharePoint 2013

Creating Site Content Types in SharePoint 2013 with an associated document is beneficial for efficient document management. Site Content Types in SharePoint 2013 allow companies to have their teams use [more…]

How to Create Task Lists with Gantt Chart View in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 allows users to create task lists and view them on a Gantt Chart just like in Microsoft Project. Besides tracking deliverables, using this feature helps ensure that everyone on the team [more…]

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