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SharePoint 2010's Table of Contents Web Part

The Table of Contents Web Part is one of three Web Parts provided by SharePoint 2010's publishing sites to display content. The Table of Contents Web Part is used frequently to display a sitemap or provide [more…]

SharePoint 2010's Summary Link Web Part

The Summary Link Web Part is one of three Web Parts provided by SharePoint 2010's publishing sites to display content. Although the Content Query and Table of Contents Web Parts let you configure a query [more…]

How to Add a Summary Link Web Part

The home page of SharePoint 2010 publishing sites uses a Summary Link Web Part to display a list of tasks that one should perform. Somebody at Microsoft manually entered these Summary Links to provide [more…]

Create a SharePoint 2010 Web Part from Scratch

Sometimes, you may want to create a simple one-off Web Part that isn’t tied to any of the styles provided by the Content Query Web Part in SharePoint 2010. In those cases, you might want to use the Data [more…]

How to Configure Dynamic Navigation in SharePoint 2010

The navigation options in a SharePoint 2010 publishing site allow you to manage both the top navigation and the site’s Quick Launch navigation in one page. SharePoint lets you manage the two major kinds [more…]

Configure Global Navigation in SharePoint 2010

In most publishing sites, you want all pages and sites to display the same navigation settings. SharePoint 2010 can dynamically display all subsites and pages within a subsite in your global navigation [more…]

Configure Current Navigation in SharePoint 2010

Configuring current navigation settings for each SharePoint 2010 site is similar to global navigation. You have the same options to automatically show pages and subsites. You have these options to determine [more…]

How to Configure Site Navigation in SharePoint 2010

Most clients usually want a static menu that doesn’t change anytime someone decides to publish an article page. You accomplish this by deselecting the Show Pages and Show Subsites options in the navigation [more…]

Alternative Ways to Generate a Navigation Menu

Webmasters and site visitors expect lots of ways to get to content. In SharePoint 2010, for example, rollup Web Parts are often used to provide the additional navigation options that you want to see inside [more…]

Use XML Files to Drive Your Navigation Menu

Using an XML file to drive your navigation menu in SharePoint 2010 starts to get a little techie, but is actually accessible to any power user who's been granted the rights to use SharePoint Designer. [more…]

SharePoint 2010 Site Governance

Website governance is about the people, policies, and processes that craft your site. And your governance helps you figure out how to apply all the SharePoint 2010 features that are available to you. [more…]


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