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Put Containers and Controls in Your SharePoint 2010 Layout

You may be wondering what goes inside content placeholders in your SharePoint 2010 page layout. Although you can place text and HTML markup inside placeholders, most often you put fields, controls, containers [more…]

Create and Edit Pages via a SharePoint 2010 Publishing Site

One of the first tasks you want to perform in a new SharePoint 2010 publishing site is to create new web pages or edit the pages provided in the site template. Pages in a publishing site are created automatically [more…]

Page Layouts Available on SharePoint 2010's Publishing Site

SharePoint 2010’s publishing site provides a rich editing experience that makes it easy for a non-technical person to create web pages. Adding your content to the page is a snap. SharePoint provides many [more…]

Add Content to Pages via SharePoint 2010's Publishing Site

Most page layouts available on SharePoint 2010's publishing site include a multiline text box you can use for entering lots of different kinds of content. This text box includes plenty of formatting options [more…]

Change Page Layout via SharePoint 2010's Publishing Site

For good practice, choose your page layout type on your SharePoint 2010 publishing site before entering any page content; although you can change page layout types later, that sometimes leads to unexpected [more…]

How to Set SharePoint 2010 Page Layout Defaults

The default page layout in SharePoint 2010 differs according to the type of site you're in. The default page layout is the assumed most common page layout needed for the site. [more…]

Change the Master Page of a SharePoint 2010 Site

SharePoint 2010 includes two master pages: v4 and nightandday. By default, the master page of a publishing site is v4.master. To apply a different master page, follow these steps: [more…]

Choose the Content Approval Option in SharePoint 2010

Content Approval is approval-light; it’s a SharePoint 2010 publishing function that you turn on or off at the list or library level and it has just a handful of configuration settings. Content Approval [more…]

Turn on Content Approval for SharePoint 2010 Sites

By default, Content Approval is turned off in SharePoint 2010 and (usually) any user with Read access can see Draft items in most libraries. Sites created with the publishing site template, however, already [more…]

Content Approval on a SharePoint 2010 Site

In a SharePoint 2010 library that has Approval turned on, when a new document is created and a major version is published, the Approval status is marked Pending and designated Approvers can approve, pend [more…]

Content Approval Workflow Options in SharePoint 2010

You can select options for how you want the Approval workflow in SharePoint 2010 to work when you associate the workflow with your library. Think of a workflow as a business process that you automate. [more…]

Set Up an Approval Workflow in SharePoint 2010

Approval workflow is one of several workflow templates in SharePoint 2010. By default, Content Approval is enabled on publishing portals. This can be confusing because when Content Approval is enabled, [more…]

Initiate a Workflow in SharePoint 2010

Configuring your library to use a workflow in SharePoint 2010 only solves part of the problem. If you don’t have your library configured to kick-off automatically, then someone must manually start the [more…]

Approve an Item in a SharePoint 2010 Workflow

Approval workflows in SharePoint 2010 can layer additional functions on top of Content Approval, or approval workflows can go it alone. Approval workflow by itself doesn't affect who can see Draft items [more…]

Check the Status of a SharePoint 2010 Approval Workflow

Because the notification and task include a link to the Pending item, an approval workflow is a good way to get the input of users who otherwise won’t go to SharePoint 2010. And approval workflow facilitates [more…]

Page Layout Decisions to Make in SharePoint 2010

Depending on site complexity, you may need to consider making a new content type and/or additional site columns for your page layouts in SharePoint 2010. If you want your pages to have additional fields [more…]

How to Work with Content Placeholders in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Designer makes it easy to override placeholders from the master page. To put your content into a placeholder instead of using the master page’s content: [more…]

Open a SharePoint 2010 Page Layout for Editing

Have you ever wondered what’s going on behind the scenes in SharePoint 2010? Cracking open a page layout is one of the easiest ways to do that. Start by opening one of the standard SharePoint page layouts [more…]

Creating a Site Column for Page Content

SharePoint 2010’s default publishing content types — Article Page and Welcome Page — usually provide most of the site columns you need for creating publishing pages. The site columns in a page layout’s [more…]

Add Publishing Content Site Column to a Content Type

Before you can add your new site column to the SharePoint 2010 page layout in the form of a content control, it must be included in a content type for page layouts. You can add your new site column to [more…]

Add Your Site Column to the SharePoint 2010 Page Layout

After you have added your site column to the content type in SharePoint 2010, you have to add the site column to the page layout. Here’s how: [more…]

Create a New Page Layout in SharePoint 2010

Although it’s possible to create a new page layout from an existing one in SharePoint 2010, you should create a new page layout from scratch. It’s too easy to make mistakes when you copy and modify an [more…]

Access the Master Page Gallery in SharePoint 2010

A page layout is like any other kind of document in SharePoint 2010. It’s stored in a document library, has properties, and can be checked out, version controlled, and subject to content approval. [more…]

Edit Mode Panel in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010, an Edit mode panel is visible only in, well, publishing page Edit mode. That makes this panel great for all kinds of information or properties that are helpful to your editors but that [more…]

SharePoint 2010's Content Query Web Part

The Content Query Web Part is one of three Web Parts provided by SharePoint 2010's publishing sites to display content. The Content Query Web Part allows you to display content from anywhere in your site [more…]


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