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Pinpointing Ways to Screw Up Microsoft SharePoint 2003

SharePoint costs a lot to implement. It costs in hardware, software, and resources. That's why avoiding a few common mistakes can be money in the bank for you and your organization. [more…]

Figuring Out How SharePoint 2003 Adds Business Value

If you're teetering back and forth about implementing SharePoint, read on for some specific ways that this team site-building tool can add value to your business. [more…]

SharePoint 2007’s Administration Model

Microsoft SharePoint 2007 uses an administration model — a family of technologies that provides a server infrastructure to support the needs of information workers and their employers. The configuration [more…]

SharePoint’s Site Hierarchy Model

All of Microsoft SharePoint’s features are delivered via a hierarchy of Web sites. This sample SharePoint hierarchy begins at folders and moves up the chain to the server farm. [more…]

SharePoint’s Feature Areas by Product Type: WSS/MOSS

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 is officially part of the Microsoft Office suite of products, which gives you access to Windows SharePoint Services [more…]

How to Access SharePoint from a Client

When you’re working for a client using Microsoft SharePoint, you may have to use their browser or other access tool. This table shows you how to get to where you want to go from a variety of points: [more…]

Microsoft SharePoint 2007 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Microsoft SharePoint lets you share information across platforms and users and it helps to know what all the pieces of Sharepoint can do. You may want to look at SharePoint’s administration model or its [more…]

The Components of Microsoft SharePoint

The SharePoint product comprises many different components and can perform a wide variety of tasks. Use this list to get a quick handle on which part of SharePoint does what. [more…]

Obstacles to Successful SharePoint Collaboration

Using SharePoint alone is one thing, working as a team is another. Ensure a successful SharePoint collaboration by keeping in mind the challenges you and your team will face and how to overcome them: [more…]

Basics of the SharePoint Site’s Home Page

The typical home page of a SharePoint site uses the Team Site template, which contains two main zones of content: Left and Right Web Part Zones. This template calls for several elements that allow you [more…]

SharePoint 2007 Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to make collaborating in SharePoint 2007 easier, whether you're on the general site, lists, or library page. Check out some SharePoint shortcut keystrokes and their resulting actions [more…]

SharePoint 2007 Collaboration For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To successfully work in SharePoint 2007 you need to know your way around the SharePoint site's home page. Take advantage of using keyboard shortcuts and work to overcome the challenges of successful collaboration [more…]

How to ConnectYour Services in SharePoint 2010

To use services in your SharePoint 2010 sites, you have to connect your Web Application to the desired services by setting up service application associations [more…]

SharePoint 2010 Server Roles

Depending on the size of your SharePoint 2100 deployment, you may have one or more SharePoint servers assigned to serve specific purposes, or roles, including these: [more…]

How to Manage Your Services in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010, the context-sensitive Ribbon menu on the Manage Service Applications page in Central Administration enables you to manage all your SharePoint service applications easily from a single [more…]

SharePoint 2010 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

SharePoint Server 2010 offers a suite of services, at the heart of which is a new service-application architecture. This Cheat Sheet offers a quick look at SharePoint server roles in the architecture, [more…]

Checking Out Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Features

Ask ten different people to define SharePoint 2010 and you’re likely to receive ten different answers, because the Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 product comprises many different technologies. [more…]

How to Streamline Reports with SharePoint 2010

Reports come in all sizes, shapes, and formats. By putting together a couple of SharePoint 2010 system components, a developer can help simplify a business’s reporting processes for everyone in the organization [more…]

Finding Help with SharePoint Developer Center

If you need help developing pages and sites in SharePoint 2010, the SharePoint Developer Center is a one-stop shop. The site includes community forums, videos, whitepapers, and other indispensable developer [more…]

SharePoint 2010 Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 comprises a vast array of products, technologies, concepts, and acronyms. To help you wade through the jargon, turn to this quick reference to the SharePoint 2010 development [more…]

Upload Multiple Documents with Windows Explorer and SharePoint

You can use the familiar Windows Explorer to copy and paste documents into a document library from SharePoint 2010. To access the Windows Explorer folder of a document library: [more…]

Upload Documents into Folders with SharePoint 2010

You can use folders within your SharePoint 2010 document libraries as a means to organize your documents. So maybe you have a document library and you have a subset of files that only supervisors should [more…]

SharePoint 2010 Edit Menu

SharePoint 2010 provides two methods for working with documents. Each document has an Edit menu that you can use to take some action on that document, such as checking it out for editing. The Ribbon also [more…]

Edit a Document's Properties in SharePoint 2010

Within SharePoint 2010, you can use a document’s Edit menu or the Ribbon to view and edit a document’s properties. By default, SharePoint 2010 asks only for these three properties: [more…]

Check Documents In and Out with SharePoint 2010

The Ribbon in SharePoint 2010 displays many of the same document actions as the Edit menu. One of the advantages of using the Ribbon is that you can use it to take actions on multiple documents at once [more…]

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