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Change the Layout of Master Slides in PowerPoint 2007

Changing the layout of a PowerPoint master slide entails changing the position and size of text frames and content frames on your PowerPoint slides, as well as removing these frames. PowerPoint content [more…]

How to Create a Color Scheme in PowerPoint

Each Microsoft PowerPoint theme includes a built-in color scheme to apply to your slides. If you don’t like the available choices, you can create custom color schemes in PowerPoint to use in your presentation [more…]

Design the PowerPoint 2007 Page Setup

The PowerPoint 2007 Page Setup group consists of a Slide Orientation control so you can display your PowerPoint presentation in Landscape mode (the default) or Portrait mode. You should use Portrait mode [more…]

PowerPoint 2007 Paste Options

PowerPoint text adopts the formatting of surrounding text when you move or copy it to a new location. PowerPoint’s Paste Options let you keep its original formatting. The Paste Options button appears only [more…]

How to Enter Symbols, Foreign Characters, Quote Marks, and Dashes into PowerPoint 2007 Slides

If you need to enter an umlaut, grave accent, or cedilla on a PowerPoint slide, PowerPoint has Symbol dialog box. PowerPoint’s Symbol dialog box has a copyright symbol and an eight ball, and tons of foreign [more…]

How to Use the PowerPoint 2007 Clipboard Task Pane

When you copy or cut text in PowerPoint, the text is placed on the Clipboard. PowerPoint’s Clipboard task pane let’s you select any of the last 24 items you cut or copied and paste them on your slide. [more…]

Use the PowerPoint 2007 Research Task Pane

Thanks to PowerPoint’s Research task pane, your desk needn’t be crowded with dictionaries and other research materials. The Research task pane offers dictionaries, foreign language dictionaries, a thesaurus [more…]

The Layout of a PowerPoint 2007 Tab

The PowerPoint Ribbon offers an Insert tab, a Home tab, a Design tab and so on. Every tab offers groups and buttons. Some PowerPoint tabs also offer galleries. Commands on each tab are organized into groups [more…]

How to Change the Tab Settings on Your PowerPoint 2007 Slides

PowerPoint displays tab stop markers on the ruler. By default, PowerPoint tab stops are left-aligned. PowerPoint offers two ways to change tab settings: Open the Tabs dialog box from the Home tab or with [more…]

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint’s Quick Access toolbar, located in the upper-left corner of the screen, offers three important buttons — Save, Undo, and Repeat. No matter where you go in PowerPoint, these buttons are ready [more…]

Use the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2007

The Ribbon provides access to the tools you need to start creating PowerPoint 2007 presentations and slides. The Ribbon replaces menus and toolbars used earlier Office programs. [more…]

PowerPoint 2010 Ribbon Commands

Are you lost in the Ribbon? If you’ve recently upgraded from PowerPoint 2003, using the PowerPoint 2010 Ribbon to perform common PowerPoint operations may be challenging at first. To make your transition [more…]

How to Customize PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 has made customizing programs easier than ever. Don’t be shy. Try out these techniques for customizing PowerPoint. Your presentations — and your audiences — will enjoy the benefits! [more…]

The PowerPoint 2007 Window

When you start PowerPoint 2007, you might be overwhelmed by all the buttons surrounding the blank center screen. Important parts of the PowerPoint 2007 screen appear below to help you get a better understanding [more…]

The PowerPoint 2003 Window

The main window of PowerPoint 2003 is where you do most of the work of creating attention-getting slideshows. Here's a handy guide showing you where to find PowerPoint's essential toolbars, buttons, and [more…]

PowerPoint 2003 Toolbars

To create eye-catching slideshows with PowerPoint 2003, you use tools available on a variety of toolbars — mainly the Standard, Formatting, and Drawing toolbars. PowerPoint's all-purpose Standard toolbar [more…]

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