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How to Change the Direction of a PowerPoint 2007 Diagram

If your PowerPoint diagram is horizontally oriented, you can flip it over so that the rightmost shape in your diagram becomes the leftmost shape, and vice versa. If there are arrows in your diagram, PowerPoint [more…]

How to Add a Sound from the Microsoft Web Site to Your PowerPoint Slide

PowerPoint lets you insert sound files into your PowerPoint Slides. Many basic sounds come with PowerPoint. Many more useful sounds are available on the Microsoft Web site. To search Microsoft for a sound [more…]

How to Create a Hyperlink to Another Slide in PowerPoint 2007

A PowerPoint hyperlink is text or a graphic that you click to summon another PowerPoint slide, or presentation, or a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. Your PowerPoint hyperlink may also lead to a page [more…]

How to Add Words to the Dictionary in PowerPoint 2007

The PowerPoint spell checker uses the standard dictionary. If you have some unusual words or alternative spellings in your PowerPoint presentation, PowerPoint will mark them as errors. You can add them [more…]

How to Choose What to Print in PowerPoint 2007

In a PowerPoint presentation, you might want to print notes, and handouts in addition to our PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint’s Print dialog box has a Print What drop-down list that enables you to select [more…]

Check Spelling As You Go in a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

In a PowerPoint presentation, spelling errors are small only until you use a projector to throw your presentation onto a 30-foot screen. The PowerPoint spell checker doesn’t make you wait until you finish [more…]


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