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How to Display PowerPoint 2007 Notes on a Separate Monitor

If you have a computer that can use two monitors, you can display your PowerPoint notes on one monitor and show your PowerPoint slides on a projector connected to the other monitor. This way, you can see [more…]

How to Hide or Display a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

Hide a PowerPoint slide when you want to keep it on hand “just in case” during your PowerPoint presentation. You can see hidden slides in PowerPoint’s Normal and Slide Sorter views, but the audience doesn’t [more…]

How to Zoom In and Out in a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

Enlarge or shrink PowerPoint slides and preserve your eyes. PowerPoint’s Zoom controls are located in the lower-right corner of the PowerPoint screen and on the View tab. The Zoom box tells you at what [more…]

Moving Among Slides in a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

As you are creating your PowerPoint 2007 presentation, you may need to move back and forth among your PowerPoint slides. The most common way to move in a PowerPoint presentation is to press the Page Down [more…]

What’s in PowerPoint 2007’s Outline View?

Normally, in PowerPoint the Slides tab is active, displaying thumbnail images of your PowerPoint slides. To work with your PowerPoint presentation in outline, click the Outline tab on the Ribbon. Then, [more…]

Change Views in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint has several views. Depending on the task at hand, some PowerPoint views are better than others when designing and editing PowerPoint slides and presentations. PowerPoint offers two places to [more…]

How to Use Live Previewing in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint comes with live previewing. Thanks to live previewing, before actually applying a change to your PowerPoint slide you can see the results. To turn on PowerPoint live previewing, click the Office [more…]

How to Present a PowerPoint 2003 Slide Show

PowerPoint 2003 is all about helping you create slideshow presentations. The end product is the PowerPoint presentation itself, and the following table shows you which keys to push to start, stop, go back [more…]

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