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Design Slides with PowerPoint Themes

A theme is a set of design elements you can apply to slides in your presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 includes 20 carefully crafted themes you can use to give your PowerPoint presentations a professional [more…]

How to Change Theme Fonts in PowerPoint 2007

Choosing a theme in PowerPoint sets the theme fonts, establishing a font for your headings and another for your body text. If you don’t want to use the theme fonts associated with the theme you’ve chosen [more…]

How to Apply Themes to Your Slide Masters in PowerPoint 2007

You can apply any theme you like to your PowerPoint Slide Master via the Edit Theme group in the Slide Master tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon. To change the theme for a PowerPoint Slide Master, follow these [more…]

How to Create a Theme Font in PowerPoint 2007

A theme font you create in PowerPoint becomes part of the theme you’re working in. It becomes available to all PowerPoint presentations you create with the theme later. Follow these steps to create a theme [more…]

How to Choose a Design for Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

Microsoft has made it easy to design PowerPoint 2007 slides by providing themes with eye-catching color combinations and fonts from which you can choose. Just follow these steps to design your own PowerPoint [more…]

What is in a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

PowerPoint 2007 presentations comprise one or more slides. Each slide can contain text, graphics, and other elements. Several PowerPoint features work together to help you easily format attractive slides [more…]

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