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Draw on Your PowerPoint 2007 Slides

PowerPoint has powerful drawing tools for creating drawings on your PowerPoint slides. The following section include general tips for drawing pictures. [more…]

How to Attach Arrowheads to Lines in PowerPoint 2007 Slides

Using arrows on your PowerPoint slides is an easy way to indicate flow. PowerPoint offers arrowheads in different sizes and shapes. PowerPoint lets you attach arrowheads on either side or both sides of [more…]

How to Apply Bold, Italics, or Underlines to PowerPoint 2007 Text

PowerPoint 2007 provides four font styles you can use on your PowerPoint slides. Bold, italic, and underline are handy for emphasizing text. Regular is just PowerPoint’s way of denoting an absence of any [more…]

How to Add a Picture to a PowerPoint 2007 Chart

A picture looks nice on the plot area of a PowerPoint chart, especially a column chart. PowerPoint lets you use pictures on your computer to decorate your charts. Select your chart, and follow these steps [more…]

How to Find a Word with the PowerPoint 2007 Thesaurus

If a word you need in your PowerPoint presentation is on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite remember it, give PowerPoint’s Thesaurus a shot. To find synonyms for a word on a PowerPoint slide, start [more…]

How to Fix a Top-Heavy Title on PowerPoint 2007 Slides

A top-heavy title occurs in longer titles, when most of the words appear on the top line but one or two drop to a second line. Unsightly top-heavy titles look especially bad on PowerPoint slides, where [more…]

Select and Edit PowerPoint 2007 Slides

When you work with the PowerPoint Outline tab, select an entire PowerPoint slide, and click the icon for the slide. This selects the PowerPoint slide title and all its body text. Any extra objects, such [more…]


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