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Creating a New Workbook in Excel 2007

If you’re working in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and want to begin work in a new Excel file, you can easily create a new workbook. To do so, you can use a command on the Office menu or a keyboard shortcut [more…]

Opening an Existing Workbook in Excel 2007

You use the Open dialog box in Office Excel 2007 to open an existing workbook. The appearance and functionality of Excel's Open dialog box differs slightly depending on whether you're running Excel 2007 [more…]

How to Save AutoRecovers in Office 2013

Before you work in Office 2013, you need to understand that computers lock up occasionally, and applications sometimes crash in the middle of important projects. When that happens, any work that you haven’t [more…]

What Are Office Templates?

Microsoft Word is the most popular of the Office 2013 applications because nearly everyone needs to create text documents of one type or another. With Word, you can create everything from fax cover sheets [more…]

Ways of Sharing Your Office 2013 Document

If the people with whom you want to share your work are also Office 2013 users, sharing with them is easy. Just give them your data file. You can transfer a data file to someone else via a USB drive, a [more…]

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