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Creating a New Workbook in Excel 2007

If you’re working in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and want to begin work in a new Excel file, you can easily create a new workbook. To do so, you can use a command on the Office menu or a keyboard shortcut [more…]

Opening an Existing Workbook in Excel 2007

You use the Open dialog box in Office Excel 2007 to open an existing workbook. The appearance and functionality of Excel's Open dialog box differs slightly depending on whether you're running Excel 2007 [more…]

How to Save AutoRecovers in Office 2013

Before you work in Office 2013, you need to understand that computers lock up occasionally, and applications sometimes crash in the middle of important projects. When that happens, any work that you haven’t [more…]

What Are Office Templates?

Microsoft Word is the most popular of the Office 2013 applications because nearly everyone needs to create text documents of one type or another. With Word, you can create everything from fax cover sheets [more…]

Ways of Sharing Your Office 2013 Document

If the people with whom you want to share your work are also Office 2013 users, sharing with them is easy. Just give them your data file. You can transfer a data file to someone else via a USB drive, a [more…]

How to Read and Record File Properties in Office 2016

To read property descriptions in Office 2016, go to the File tab, choose Info, and examine the Info window. Property descriptions are found on the right side of the window, as shown here. [more…]

How to Lock a File with a Password in Office 2016

Perhaps you want to submit your Office 2016 file to others for critical review but you don't want any Tom, Dick, or Harry to look at your file. In that case, lock your file with a password and give out [more…]

How to Create a Form in Word 2016

A form in Word 2016 is a means of soliciting and recording information. You can use forms like the one shown to enter data faster and to reduce data-entry errors. Instead of entering all the information [more…]

How to Create a Multilevel List in Word 2016

In Word 2016, a multilevel list, also called a nested list, is a list with subordinate entries, as shown here. To create a multilevel list, you declare what kind of list you want, and then, as you enter [more…]

How to Use Wildcard Operators When Finding Stuff in Word 2016

Word 2016 permits you to use wildcard operators in searches. A wildcard operator is a character that represents characters in a search expression. Wildcards aren't for everybody. Using them requires a [more…]

How to Search for Special Characters in Word 2016

The following table describes the special characters you can look for in Word 2016 documents. To look for the special characters listed in the table, enter the character directly in the text box or click [more…]

How to Use the Research Task Pane in Word 2016

Thanks to the Research task pane in Word 2016, your desk needn't be as crowded as before. The Research task pane offers dictionaries, foreign language dictionaries, a thesaurus, language translators, and [more…]

How to Proof Foreign Language Text in Word 2016

In the interest of cosmopolitanism, Word 2016 gives you the opportunity to make foreign languages a part of documents. To enter and edit text in a foreign language, start by installing proofing tools for [more…]

How to Translate Foreign Language Text in Word 2016

Office 2016 offers a gizmo for translating words and phrases from one language to another. The translation gizmo gives you the opportunity to translate single words and phrases as well as entire documents [more…]

How to Add a Border to a Page in Word 2016

Word 2016 offers a means of decorating title pages, certificates, menus, and similar documents with a page border. Besides lines, you can decorate the sides of a page with stars, pieces of cake, and other [more…]

How to Put Cross-References in a Document in Word 2016

Cross-references in longer Word 2016 documents are very handy indeed. They tell readers where to go to find more information about a topic. You can refer readers to headings, page numbers, footnotes, endnotes [more…]

How to Compile a Bibliography in Word 2016

Word 2016's Bibliography feature is very nice in one regard: It solves the problem of how to enter citations for a bibliography. All you have to do is enter the bare facts about the citation — the author's [more…]

How to Change Locations When Saving or Opening Files in Office 2016

Office 2016 uses the current Windows user’s OneDrive as the default storage location. OneDrive is a secure online storage area hosted by Microsoft. Anyone who registers for the service, or who logs into [more…]

How to Use an Existing Data List for Mail Merge in Office 2016

After you choose the main document type in Microsoft Office, you next choose the data list. A data list must be in a structured format, such as a Word document containing a table, an Excel workbook, or [more…]

How to Create a New Data List for Mail Merge in Office 2016

If the data list doesn’t already exist, you can choose to create it in a Word table or in Excel, and then attach it to the main document. However, there’s another way to create a data list that is a little [more…]

How to Perform a Mail Merge in Office 2016

After all the codes are inserted in the main document, it’s time to perform the merge. There are three ways to go about this in Word 2016: you can merge to a new document, and then print that document [more…]

Saving and Opening a File from Office 2016 to OneDrive

No longer are you confined to saving files only to your local desktop. You can save files directly to OneDrive, Microsoft's online storage space; useful when you need to share files or work on multiple [more…]

Sharing a File Directly through Office 2016 Programs

It's easy to share files right from within an Office 2016 program. This video explains how to share a file through email or a sharing link through the Share button in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. [more…]

Setting Options for Saving Office 2016 Files

You'll want to be confident when saving files; you don't want to wonder later where your file is or even if it saved correctly. This video discusses how to designate a default location for your files, [more…]

Guarding Against Dangerous Files in Office 2016

To keep your files as safe as possible from malicious viruses, you'll want to check out the Trust Center. This video explains how to get to the Trust Center and the level of protections you can enable. [more…]

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