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How to Protect an Excel 2007 Workbook

Excel 2007 includes a Protect Workbook command that prevents others from making changes to the layout of the worksheets in a workbook. You can assign a password when you protect a workbook so that only [more…]

Comparing Two Excel 2007 Worksheets Side by Side

You can use the View Side by Side command button on the View tab in Excel 2007 to quickly and easily do a side-by-side comparison of any two worksheet windows that you have open. When you click this button [more…]

How to Move or Copy Excel 2007 Worksheets to Other Workbooks

In Excel 2007, you may need to move or copy a particular worksheet from one workbook to another. You can use the Move or Copy dialog box to simplify the process. To move or copy worksheets between workbooks [more…]

Document Recovery in Excel 2007

Excel 2007 offers a document recovery feature that can help you if a computer crashes due to a power failure or some sort of operating system freeze or shutdown. Excel's AutoRecover feature saves your [more…]

Fixing Broken Formula Links in Excel 2007

Formulas in Excel 2007 can reference external workbooks. Links become broken when external workbooks are moved, deleted, or renamed. When a workbook that contains an external reference is opened but cannot [more…]

Dealing with the New Excel 2007 File Formats

Office Excel 2007 supports the use of a new XML-based file format that Microsoft officially calls the Microsoft Office Open XML format. This new file format carries the filename extension [more…]

Arranging Windows in Excel 2007 Workbooks

You can open multiple workbook windows in Excel 2007 and arrange them into windows of varying displays so that you can view different parts of a worksheet from each workbook on the screen at one time. [more…]

Specifying Workbook Properties in Excel 2007

In Microsoft Office Excel 2007, you can use the new Document Information Panel to add or change workbook properties such as the Author, Title, Keywords, Status, and Comments that relate to a specific workbook [more…]

Excel 2010 Data-Entry Etiquette

To begin to work on a new Excel 2010 spreadsheet, you simply start entering information in the first sheet of the Book1 workbook window. Here are a few simple guidelines [more…]

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