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Finding Commands on the Excel 2007 Ribbon Tabs

The Ribbon in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 contains seven tabs. Contextual tabs also appear when you’re working with a particular object that you select in the worksheet, such as a graphic image, chart, [more…]

Customizing the Excel 2007 Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access toolbar in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 appears above the Ribbon, to the right of the Office button, and includes buttons for commands you use often. By default, the Quick Access toolbar [more…]

Select Excel 2007 Commands with Keyboard Shortcuts

In Microsoft Office Excel 2007, you can select commands on the Ribbon by using keyboard shortcuts. Press the Alt key followed by letter keys displayed on the Ribbon to select the desired Excel command [more…]

Finding the Formatting Toolbar Button Equivalents in Excel 2007

Finding the Excel 2007 Ribbon equivalents for the buttons that were on the Formatting toolbar in earlier versions of Excel is easy. Each button on the Formatting toolbar is prominently displayed on the [more…]

Introducing the Excel 2007 Ribbon

The Ribbon interface in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 radically changes how you work. You no longer need to find on which pull-down menu or toolbar a command resides. Instead, the Ribbon shows you the most [more…]

Manipulating the Excel 2007 Office Button

In the top-left corner of the Excel 2007 window, you find the Office button (the round button with the Office four-color icon), which provides access to common file-related commands. The Office button [more…]

Using Contextual Tools in Excel 2007

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 displays contextual tools with tabs and commands that help you work with a particular object that you select in the worksheet — such as a graphic image you’ve added or a chart [more…]

Navigating the Excel 2007 Ribbon

The new Ribbon interface in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 may seem a bit tricky to navigate, until you get used to how commands are organized. You can use the Office button — the large, round button in the [more…]

How to Access Common View Commands in Excel 2007

You can look at the worksheets you create with Excel 2007 from any number of perspectives. You can change the view so that you see — or don’t see — page breaks, grid lines, and dialog boxes, and you can [more…]

How to Access Common Formula Commands in Excel 2007

Possibly the most useful — and used — function in Excel 2007 is the one that helps you create formulas so that you add, count, average, and generally do math functions with the data in your Excel worksheets [more…]

How to Access Common File Commands in Excel 2007

Excel 2007 is an excellent tool for building spreadsheets, or worksheets as Excel calls them. Excel 2007 offers hot keys as well as the command Ribbon introduced in Office 2007 to help you create a new [more…]

How to Access Common Editing Commands in Excel 2007

Sometimes you want to make changes to the information you put into your Excel 2007 worksheets and workbooks (called spreadsheets in the world outside Excel). When that’s the case, you can use the handy [more…]

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